‘I have to say I’m not Conor McGregor’s biggest fan’ – Unimpressed mums slam Conor McGregor’s bloody battle with Nate Diaz


The mothers who were forced to attend Conor McGregor vs. Nate Diaz, one of MMA’s best-known rivalries, have entertained fans of the sport.

One of the MMA Reacts parts of the FightFront YouTube channel has been released. This time, a group of opinionated mothers were asked to observe the rivalry and fight between Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz. Both fights they had in 2016 ended in a draw.

When one of the mothers discovered blood on the canvas, she was horrified:

“Oh my God, he’s got it by the neck. Is that blood on the floor? Oh my god, this is barbaric.

Another admitted that he wasn’t a fan of “Notorious” because of his cocky attitude:

“I have to say I’m not Conor McGregor‘s biggest fan as I find him exceptionally arrogant. To be a good fighter you have to be good at what you do. Arrogance will get you knocked out and beaten. People will forget the clowns, they will remember the athlete.

Michael Chandler’s performance at UFC 274 will be remembered for his electric post-fight octagon speech and his brutal knockout victory over Tony Ferguson.

When given the opportunity, ‘Iron’ asked for a fight with the Irishman and even offered to increase his weight to 170 pounds to make it happen.

McGregor initially showed interest in the fight. The Dublin-born athlete acknowledged the fight was one he may see in the future in a now-deleted tweet praising Chandler’s efforts.

But at the moment there are conflicting rumors as to whether or when McGregor will return to the octagon. Dana White has said he expects the 34-year-old to make a comeback by 2023, although there have been rumors a rematch with boxing Floyd Mayweather could be in the works.

Because the fight is debatable, Chandler admitted he wasn’t just focused on achieving it:

“If there was a guarantee, ‘Hey, this fight is definitely happening’, I would have no problem waiting a few more months… But that’s the sport of mixed martial arts… There are rumors that he is fighting Floyd Mayweather, there are rumors that he will never return, there are rumors that he will return by the end of the year, we don’t know when Conor will return. such uncertainty, it would really, I think, be foolish to hitch your wagon to this fight itself.

See the full interview with Michael Chandler here:

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