Illegal knee strike results in loss of DQ in UAE warrior fight

  • UAE Warriors returned on Friday for their 24th event.
  • The show took place at Jiu Jitsu Arena in Abu Dhabi and ended in disqualification.
  • KB Bhullar – a UFC veteran – has thrown a knee to a downcast opponent. It’s illegal.

ABU DHABI – An extremely illegal knee strike resulted in a loss of disqualification after an MMA fighter was unable to continue a match during a UAE Warriors show that Insider attended on Friday at the Jiu Ji tsu Arena, in Abu Dhabi.

KB Bhullar, a 30-year-old Canadian middleweight, had remarkable momentum midway through his fight against 32-year-old Syrian fighter Tarek Suleiman.

When Suleiman was in a ground position, however, and attempted to stand up, Bhullar threw a knee.

The strike would have been nice if Suleiman was already standing, but in a ground position it is considered a foul.

The shot bounced off the side of Suleiman’s skull and he fell to the ground in an instant, unable to defend himself before Bhullar delivered another shot.

“It’s definitely illegal,” commenter said on the UFC Fight Pass live stream.

Suleiman was unable to continue and the officials entered the cage with a stretcher, however, the fighter did not need to be carried out of the arena and the crowd cheered as he stood up. some cobweb.

The stretcher was then taken out of the cage, both fighters walked towards the center and the winner – Suleiman – was announced thanks to Bhullar’s disqualification for the illegal knee.

Watch the offense here:

The referee called off the fight when KB Bhullar was unable to continue fighting.

The referee called off the fight when KB Bhullar was unable to continue fighting.

Photo from UAE Warriors

Suleiman advanced his pro MMA record to 12 wins (five knockouts, six submissions and one disqualification) from seven losses.

Bhullar, a two-time UFC veteran, suffered his third loss in his last four fights for a foul reminiscent of when the UFC bantamweight championship changed hands in March 2021.

Aljamain Sterling became the first UFC fighter to win a title by disqualification at the time, when Petr Yan was taken out of the fight at UFC 259 for laying an illegal knee.

Yan returns to the Octagon for his UFC 267 co-main event fight against Cory Sandhagen – a bantamweight fight that has the interim title on the line.

The UFC 267 show takes place at the Etihad Arena, 15 miles from Jiu Jitsu Arena, on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi.

Days before the UFC event, Yan was seen jokingly throwing the same illegal knee during an open practice session that Insider attended on Wednesday at the Yas Marina circuit, which hosts the climax of the F1 season in a few weeks.

It is highly unlikely that Yan will throw the same strike on Saturday.

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