“I’m fighting the toughest guys on the planet right now”


Michael Chandler has carved out a name for himself as one of the most entertaining fighters on the UFC roster in a short time. Since the Brutal knockout of Dan Hooker in his UFC debut to his recent loss to Dustin Poirier in an Instant Classic, ‘Iron’ never had a dull moment inside the octagon.

Ariel Helwani recently asked the former Bellator champ about his transition to, in Dana White’s words, “the Arturo Gatti of MMA.” According to Chandler, his fighting style was very similar even during his time in Bellator.

White compares Michael Chandler to Arturo Gatti, that he leaves everything in the octagon and is fun to watch.

‘Iron’ believes the difference in entertainment quotient is due to an increase in the level of competition. The 36-year-old said MMA hour:

“To be honest…I think I fight very similarly to what I’ve always done. Same speed, same tenacity, same beat, then come back and fights, it happens. It just wasn’t on the biggest stage possible.”

He added:

“I think I’ve definitely progressed competitively. I think those UFC gloves are tough, not that the Bellator gloves weren’t. But you know, you fight the best guys in the world… And I honestly think I I’m still beaten that way. I just think I’m fighting the toughest guys on the planet right now.”

Check out Michael Chandler’s comments below (2:00):

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Former Canadian-Italian boxer Gatti, known for his relentless violencecompeted from 1991 to 2007, holding two world titles.

Michael Chandler explains his fighting style

Michael Chandler’s explosiveness and pressure are the main reasons behind his ability to meet the entertainment quotient. Chandler never seems to take his foot off the gas, forcing his opponents out of their comfort zone and into wild brawls.

According to ‘Iron’, pressure is as important a weapon in MMA as strikes or takedowns. The 36-year-old told ESPN’s Brett Okamoto:

“Just as punches, kicks, knees, elbows, submissions and grappling are techniques in the sport of mixed martial arts; pressure too, presence too, squeezing a guy and playing with his spirit and try to break his spirit.”

Check out Michael Chandler’s comments below (9:50):

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