‘Is it real?’: Former UFC title challenger reacts in shock as Bellator stars’ $150,000 fight purses leaked



The former UFC title challenger was left in shock after the salaries of Bellator’s biggest stars were revealed after Bellator 286.

The payouts at the recent Bellator 286 event left former UFC welterweight title challenger Gilbert Burns shocked. In a recent report released by mma fightthe payouts from the recently held Bellator event have been revealed with shocking numbers.

Some of the biggest stars fighting for Bellator organizations have been paid $150,000 or less. However, it should be noted that while the biggest stars in the UFC earn significantly more than that, the average salary at Bellator seemed to be more that of the UFC.

Reacting to the same on Twitter, Gilbert Burns responded to the post and asked if the numbers were real. ‘Durinho’ seemed rather shocked by the payouts and said:

“It’s real??”

Take a look at Gilbert Burns’ tweet below:

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Why is the UFC being criticized for fighter compensation?

The UFC has often come under scrutiny for underpaying its fighters. For example, a fighter new to the UFC starts earning as little as $10,000 for his fights. The fighter receives $10,000 for showing up and an additional $10,000 for winning. They slowly build their per-fight purse from this.

However, it should be noted that these numbers are for fighters who are just getting started in the business. On the other hand, the biggest stars of the company like Conor McGregor, Israel Adesanya, Kamaru Usman and many more earn millions of dollars for their fights inside the octagon.

That said, it’s safe to say that the fighter’s salary in the UFC depends on how well a fighter is able to perform in the octagon and make his mark outside of it.

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