Is Khamzat Chimaev the most hated new fighter?


As journalists covering this sport, we are expected to be impartial. I try my best to be exactly that in every possible situation, but even I can’t lie and say it wasn’t a bit heartwarming to see Nate Diaz complete his UFC contract in the most glorious and glorious way. most appropriate with his submission of Ferguson.

This is how it should always have been. Let’s face it: the Chimaev fight would have been an execution, and only a handful of people wanted to end their Saturday night witnessing that. The rest of us would have been sad to see it, but going into fight week also understood what needed to be done if Diaz (21-13 MMA, 16-11 UFC) wanted to fulfill his contractual obligations with the organization and hitting free agency.

Luckily, Chimaev shot himself in the foot by running out of weight. He had the card revised and Diaz ended up being the biggest winner of the whole fiasco. It’s just a remarkable turn of events.

It wasn’t exactly a pretty fight, and in fact if Ferguson hadn’t fired for a sloppy takedown and got choked out, who knows how the rest of the fight would have gone if he had stayed up. Diaz has had time to finish it though, and now he must decide what the future holds.

It seems pretty clear to me what’s going to happen at this point, though. Diaz is aiming for a boxing match for the money with Jake Paul – win or lose against Anderson Silva on October 29 – then he’ll come back and aim for a title fight, a Conor McGregor trilogy or the biggest option available at the UFC. welterweight division.

Here’s hoping Diaz can maximize any opportunities on the horizon because he’s most certainly taken the past of most resistance to get here.

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