It’s sad that fighters like Procházka and I are not appreciated more


UFC light heavyweight champion Glover Teixeira doesn’t believe respectful fighters like him and future challenger Jiří Procházka get the appreciation they deserve.

While Colby Covington and Jorge Masvidal have brought us animosity-fueled buildups lately, not to mention the constant barrage Conor McGregor always sends his opponents before a fight, there are UFC stars who prefer to do things in a respectful way.

One such athlete is the 205-pound King Teixeira. At UFC 267 last October, relations were more than cordial between him and then-champion Jan Blachowicz. After dethroning the Polish powerhouse in Abu Dhabi, the Brazilian will now look to set an example as the titleholder when he returns to defend the belt against top contender Procházka at UFC 275 next month.

Like Teixeira, “Denisa” embodies the respectful spirit of martial arts, choosing to let her weapons speak inside the cage rather than her mouth before the fight.

While many would probably agree this is the most appropriate attitude, Teixeira still believes his approach, like Procházka’s, leads to him being underestimated, with talkative fighters being more acclaimed.

Teixeira: We should be appreciated more than those who fight for the cameras

During a recent virtual press conference Ahead of the UFC 275 card, scheduled for Singapore on June 11, Teixeira assessed his opponent’s style.

After tagging Procházka as part of the “new generation” of fighters, the Brazilian suggested that while he and the challenger will leave everything inside the Octagon for the entertainment of the fans, it’s often not enough to attract the proper respect and appreciation.

“Jiří is the new generation. He brings a different style. Improving these guys, they’re coming right now. Competition makes you better,” Teixeira said. “And these are the guys who take risks. I’m a risk taker. We organize exciting fights. It’s very sad, to be honest, to see guys like, the way we talk, and we don’t sell as much because it’s martial arts – very, very respectful.

“But the way we fight is we put it all on the line. You see the way the guys fight, you see the way I fight. I have the most finishes in UFC history at light heavyweight,” Teixeira added. “Losing or winning, I’m out there bleeding and fighting. This is the style we bring.

Teixeira went on to suggest that while he bleeds in the name of competition and mixed martial arts, camera-loving fighters often don’t deliver when they trade the microphone for the gloves.

Because of this, the light heavyweight champion finds it upsetting when these kinds of names receive more recognition.

“People always say – nothing really bothers me, because I’m just happy with where I am, but that kind of stuff is like, upsetting a bit,” admitted Teixeira. “These kind of fighters, they are the ones who should be appreciated more rather than (the ones who) cause chaos and (perform) in front of the cameras, and when it comes to fights, they throw jabs from a distance.

Teixeira and Procházka will look to set an example of how a respectful build-up can lead to a memorable war inside the cage when they share the Octagon in Singapore. It’s perhaps fitting that the duo headline the UFC’s first-ever pay-per-view in Asia, given that the region epitomizes the humble and graceful nature of martial arts.

Do you agree with Glover Teixeira? Should respectful fighters be appreciated more than talkers?

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