Jake Paul called out by Vitor Belfort after Evander Holyfield TKO


HOLLYWOOD, Fla – In alphabetical order, Canelo Alvarez, Oscar De La Hoya and Jake Paul are the three names Vitor Belfort says he wants to fight next, but it’s clear who really is at the top of this list.

“Jake Paul is the No.1 target,” Belfort told MMA Junkie on Saturday night. “He has to meet his father. It’s time for him to understand that you’re not judged by how many fights you have, it’s who you fight. Now he wants a real fighter? He has it. We have the money.

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Belfort made an aggressive appeal to Paul moments after his easy first-round TKO victory over 58-year-old boxing legend Evander Holyfield. When he got to the microphone, Belfort shouted at the top of his lungs, challenging the YouTuber turned professional boxer to a fight.

Paul, who has millions of social media followers, has made a name for himself in boxing this year following wins over two MMA stars, with a knockout of Ben Askren and most recently a split decision against the former UFC champion Tyron Woodley. month.

If 24-year-old Paul has no interest in fighting Belfort next, that could change after the numbers that were thrown in Belfort’s post-fight interview. Triller boss Ryan Kavanaugh announced a $ 30 million prize – winner takes it all.

“How can he (he) say no to that?” Said Belfort. He continued, “Now he can’t say no to me. He must say yes. We have to teach him a lesson.

“If he says no, to all his little fans, I’m going to set up a YouTube channel, and they’re going to follow me. I will create a YouTube channel. I have three amazing athletes (his children) in my house. We are going to entertain all of his fans. He has no morals. He has no family values. He does not represent the fighters.

Paul, who was once a Disney Channel actor, has spoken seriously about his boxing career. He has also been a strong advocate for better compensation for fighters, particularly engaging in a war of words with UFC President Dana White.

Belfort, however, doesn’t necessarily buy what he thinks is just an act and would ultimately like to hurt Paul.

“He’s just getting attention, and someone’s got to give him a whip.” It’s me, ”said Belfort, 44. “I am his father. I’ll put it on my lap. He’s going to meet daddy, grandpa. … I promise you. ‘Grandpa’, that’s what he’s going to call me.

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