Jake Paul claims Dana White tried to ‘sabotage’ Silva fight



GLENDALE, Ariz. — Jake Paul claims UFC President Dana White has been active behind the scenes in an attempt to disrupt his upcoming boxing event.

On Saturday, Paul is set to face former UFC champion Anderson Silva in an eight-round boxing match that will feature the Paul vs. Silva event at Desert Diamond Arena. However, he claims that White, with whom he had multiple verbal exchanges, tried to “sabotage” the event.

“The list is long, and I can’t even speak to some of them,” Paul told reporters during a media scrum after Thursday’s pre-fight press conference. “But he sent me bans and disclaimers for my content promoting this fight, and he just did some things behind the scenes that are really shady. And we discover more and more things as the promotion progresses. I’m sure I’ll talk more about that at a later date.

While Paul won’t go into detail about White’s alleged actions, he did explain why he believes the UFC boss targeted him ahead of the toughest fight of his young professional boxing career.

“I think it’s because I’m the #1 figurehead exposing his business model and what a shark he is and how badly he treats his fighters,” Paul said. “He said I wouldn’t fight Anderson Silva, who is one of the greats in the UFC, and now I’m fighting him. And he largely, in part, promoted that. He’s the reason I took this fight is to prove him wrong and shut him up.

Paul called for improving the rights of combatants and their salaries. He also challenged White to change the way he treats fighters under the UFC banner.

Recently, White scorned Paul, but he weighed in on the match against Silva when the fight was being finalized. However, as the back and forth between the two continued, White was fed up with questions about the boxing YouTuber.

“He also tells reporters not to talk about me because he doesn’t want my fights to matter,” Paul said. “He wants to be the only cash cow in town. He wants to run the fight game and I’m a threat so he can.

Earlier this year, as White accepted more questions about Paul, he advised him to leave his business partner Nakisa Bidarian, who was a former UFC accountant.

With everything Paul claims to have been through, he says he found motivation in White’s attention.

“There were some big fires, but I can’t really comment on that,” Paul said. “I’m sure it’s okay – the truth always comes out. … What he doesn’t realize is that he’s only adding fuel to the fire. But he’s trying to do everything he can to stop me, but it’s cool that I’m so on his radar that he feels threatened enough to care so much about trying to sabotage my event.

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