Jake Paul responds to Nate Diaz’s boxing switch after final UFC win


Jake Paul offered a somewhat pointed response to Nate Diaz after the UFC legend picked up a victory in what is believed to be his last fight inside the Octagon.

Jake Paul has had a lot of trouble with other fighters since he made his way into the boxing world, mostly focusing on UFC fighters.

“The Problem Child” continues to go back and forth with Dana White and Conor McGregor, but he’s also had a few run-ins with Nate Diaz. The Stockton native, who has made it clear he wants to box now that his UFC contract is up, has previously teased the possibility of fighting Jake.

As it stands, Jake is scheduled to fight Anderson “The Spider” Silva on Oct. 29, but he also seems open to fighting Nate, as he gave a less than subtle response to Diaz’s last UFC interview.

Jake Paul responds to Nate Diaz’s last UFC fight

After some late card changes, Nate faced Tony Ferguson at UFC 279 and beat the former lightweight champion with a fourth-round submission.

In his post-fight comments, Nate said he wanted to “get out of the UFC for a minute” and “get back” to another sport. Boxing, naturally, was on his list, and it elicited a response from James.

“Nate Diaz is getting into the sport of boxing. I wonder who he should be fighting?” Jake said, rolling eyes in his eye, making it clear he was talking about himself.

Some fans were quick to note that Nate mentioned a few other avenues he could take other than boxing, which Jake might have to wait for, but there seems to be a lot of interest in this match regardless.

“Nate the comeback fight after losing to Anderson,” one said. “Like it or not, a fight between Jake and Nate would sell like crazy,” added another.

Of course, it remains to be seen how Jake’s fight with Silva will pan out, and he wants to fight KSI down the line as well. However, maybe Nate could be inserted between these.

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