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Jake Paul has named his list of five fights as developments bubble in the background, with the YouTube star’s next potential opponent revealed.

Speaking to Twitter on Thursday, Paul said pound-for-pound superstar Canelo Alvarez was at the top of his list.

The internet sensation is certainly aiming high, with Floyd Mayweather, Mike Tyson and Tyson Fury also on its roster.

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“I TELL YOU” – Paul after the fight | 01:28

Dana White is the last name on the list, only adding to the feud between the two men after Paul called the UFC boss to find out how he treats his fighters.

Speaking on his brother Logan’s podcast, Paul said, “I do more than all the UFC f ****** fighters combined, including Conor. You all work for f ****** Dana, you all work for WME, Endeavor, that’s who you work for.

“I do more than all of you, dumb mother ******. Why would I go to the UFC? Sign a contract and give my rights and my fucking shit. I own my content, I own my platform, I own everything. They don’t own shit, they’re literally employees.

“I’m a ****** CEO and every UFC fighter is an employee. Understand well. I’m not coming over there to do bullshit with all of you.

Paul’s superstar status has allowed him to take away the power to dictate fights from boxing promoters, which US media personality Stephen A. Smith called “a beautiful thing for the sport.”

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Smith added, however, that Paul calling Alvarez was an “insult” and you can only imagine how he would react to the YouTuber adding Tyson in particular to this list.

Paul was under increased scrutiny for not stepping into the ring with a legitimate boxer, although he was willing to do so in his last fight until Tommy Fury retired.

That could be about to change with ongoing conversations and an offer made to see Paul fight former world middleweight champion Julio César Chávez Jr.

Talk to Combat News, Chávez Jr. has confirmed that he is in negotiations with Paul’s camp.

“Jake Paul and his people contacted me about a fight with Paul,” he said.

“I said yes, but again Lupe Valencia, who’s with Paul now and who was with me a few years ago, said they offered me $ 1-3 million plus the pay-per-view.

“When it’s a fight that can sell millions and break records because it’s popular and I have a name, I’m a former world champion, so I made it clear that it had to be a share 50-50 for me to take the fight. “

Jake Paul SLEEPING Woodley! | 00:28

Chávez Jr. is the son of retired boxing legend Julio César Chávez and is 53-6-1 with 34 KOs to his name.

He would represent a serious step in the class for Paul and knows he can finish the 24-year-old.

“Take into consideration that I have to go up to 190 pounds,” he added.

“Jake Paul is a big guy and weight matters so it’s a risk. Their people might want to see me lose and take advantage, but he can’t box. I know I can knock him out.

“I just want to be treated fairly. What I bring to the table and my name, I already have 61 fights and yes I did not look the same in my last two fights, but I did fight with serious injuries in my body which I will talk to you later.

“I’m feeling better little by little and if Paul’s fight happens I’ll be very well prepared to win. I won’t lose. “

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