Jasmine Jasudavicius admits she was nervous before Dana White awarded UFC contract

Jasmine Jasudavicius (right), Dana White’s Contender Series 5 Week 3 Credit: Jeff Bottari / UFC

Count Jasmine Jasudavicius as the last Canadian fighter to make it to the UFC, following a grueling bout on Dana White Contender Series A week ago.

Jasudavicius (6-1) of St. Catharines, Ont. Joins flyweight colleague Gillian Robertson, also from the Niagara region who has become a fixture in the division.

Another Niagara hopeful Aaron Jeffery will try to earn his place in the big show later this month, like Jasudavicius and Chad Anheliger of Calgary, who also secured his spot earlier this year. Many other Canadian fighters are calling the promotion home, but the final season of the Contender series brought a new wave.

Jasudavicius almost finished off DWCS opponent Julia Polastri in the first round. “I really tried to finish her on that first round,” the flyweight told Cageside Press in a recent exclusive interview. “The referee was like standing right on top of it, and he was like ‘defend yourself, defend yourself. “And usually they won’t say it more than twice before they stop him. And he was really slow – I could tell he was going to jump in there in a few more seconds.

In the end, the fight went the distance, with Jasudavicius winning on all three judges’ scorecards. With the Contender series being what it is, however, the Canadian was a little nervous as she waited to see if UFC President Dana White would award her the coveted Ultimate Fighting Championship contract.

“I was very, very nervous when I was sitting there. I thought I had a pretty good shot because after the fight Dana gave me some props, ”admitted Jasudavicius. “So I was hopeful, but my fight resulted in a decision, and in the past it didn’t often give out contracts when people made a decision. So I was very nervous about it; all the time i was thinking ‘please, please, please come for me.’ “

“Thank goodness he did,” Jasudavicius added, but the knot that formed in his stomach made it look like the decision “took forever.” A factor in his favor was probably his finishing instinct, especially after coming close in the first round.

“I think that was definitely part of it. You could tell that I was obviously really trying to finish, ”she said. “Every lap I was trying to finish. I think he understands that you’re not always going to end, but if you try, that’s what he wants to see.

“She said ‘I’m going to have to do a bunch of extra squats and booty exercises to make sure this looks good.’ So that’s a motivation for her too! – Jasmine Jasudavicius on the infamous bet that will see a friend tattoo her portrait on her behind.

With Jasmine Jasudavicius officially a UFC fighter, an infamous bet with a friend is about to be paid. For those who missed it, a friend of hers vowed to get Jasudavicius tattooed on her ass if the fighter ever made it to the UFC. At the time, she had just embarked on her career as a fighter.

And yes, this placement is firm. Jasmine’s face, her friend’s bottom. “That’s right, yes. It’s so funny because right after [winning on DWCS], I texted her, I said ‘get your ass ready!’ ”

“There hasn’t been a discussion yet about the size of the tattoo, nor if it will be photorealistic.” She knows she understands. Even though it’s small, I’m happy with it. Jasudavicius is even considering launching a social media poll to pick the style, and her friend agreed that she would have to show it off at some point. “She said ‘I’m going to have to do a bunch of extra squats and booty exercises for myself’ make sure it looks good. ‘ So it’s a motivation for her too!

With his place in the UFC secured, Jasudavicius can now consider potential matches in the flyweight division. “There are a few girls, but I haven’t checked them out too much yet. In the next few days, I’m definitely going to go through the list and start watching more fights, and see which is my best option now. Before, I didn’t want to step too far. I wanted to focus on my fight but now that I’m in it and know who’s in the pool I’ll definitely start to see what my options are.

One name Jasudavicius would like to deal with is Elise Reed, who represents the only flaw in her professional record. Reed traveled to the UFC several months ago, fighting at flyweight, where the Canadian will compete in the future.

“Of course! Yes, of course I want to go back. I think I won this fight, so it’s very interesting, because I’m sure she thinks she won too.

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