Javier Mendez on the best kickboxers in the UFC


The UFC is full of exceptional kickboxers. Javier Mendez, however, rates Israel Adesanya and Giga Chikadze against everyone else in the promotion.

Mendez was recently seen answering fan questions on the “JavierMendezAKAPodcast” with co-host Len.

Asked about his favorite UFC kickboxers, he wasted no time in choosing Israel Adesanya. The 51-year-old listed several traits that earned the Kiwi the top spot on the list:

“Israel Adesanya, and then there’s this other guy. Dude, he’s bad at **. Georgian guy [Chikadze]. What is his name? Yeah, he’s bad a **. He’s a bad kickboxer **. Israel Adesanya is my favorite. Izzy is my favorite fighter to watch. I love the way he talks, I love the way he supports his guys. Even though sometimes it’s against my guys, it doesn’t matter. I like the fact that it doesn’t change. He is always who he is. I like his trash language. I like the guy. I like to watch him fight. He’s one of my favorites for sure. I like what he does. “

Watch Javier Mendez donate his two cents on the kickboxing pedigree of Israel Adesanya and Giga Chikadze here:

Javier Mendez on the kickboxer who beat Israel Adesanya twice

Alex Pereira recently made his UFC 268 debut against Andreas Michailidis. He managed to record a second round to claim his first UFC victory.

Pereira is the only fighter to have repeatedly beaten Israel Adesanya. In the same podcast, Javier Mendez claimed that “The Last Stylebender” was the better fighter between the two.

However, he refused to withdraw the threats that Alex Pereira presented during a fight. Additionally, AKA supremo has expressed their excitement at watching a fight between the two:

“[Alex Pereira’s] got tremendous power. He’s not as technical as Izzy. And in fact, Izzy beat him before he was knocked out. But hey, it’s a good fight to see on the road. But Izzy is ahead of him. But let’s see. Hey, when you have that kind of power, you turn off people’s lights even if they beat you. “

The Brazilian has crossed paths with “The Last Stylebender” twice and managed to come out triumphant each time.

The only man to stop Israel Adesanya is now in the UFC. Alex Pereira knocked out the middleweight champion in Stylebender’s last kickboxing match. Poatan makes MMA debut at UFC 268 🔥 https://t.co/4qLis4dndm

“Poatan” first clashed with Adesanya in April 2016 at Glory of Heroes 1. He managed to come off with a unanimous decision victory after three rounds.

A year later, Pereira handed Adesanya their first knockout loss on their second outing together at Glory of Heroes 15 in March 2017.

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