John Cena on WWE Superstars renaming


John Cena believes WWE has always changed the names of WWE Superstars and has said this has happened to him as well.

Cena, while speaking to the Florida Supercon, allayed fears fans had about WWE changing the names of Superstars. He said he too underwent a name and gadget change early in his career, which worked in his favor.

“I know there are a lot of headlines on, ‘Oh, they change artists names and force them to have a new personality.” I can assure you it’s been like that since the dawn of time and it’s been like that. ‘came up. my real name and I was just told to be a good guy and I had no idea what that meant and it almost led to me getting fired, “said John Cena. (H / T after fight)

The West Newbury native believes he wouldn’t be in the position he is now if he hadn’t adopted the rap character he had early in his WWE career.

John Cena’s WWE Thuganomy Doctor Gimmick

A few months after his debut, John Cena expanded his character to include rap. The Doctor of Thuganomy, as he liked to call himself, was initially a heel character he used during the early years of his WWE career.

The 16-time world champion revealed that his freestyle rap while touring WWE prompted company management to tell him to embrace the gadget, saving his WWE career.

He brought the gadget back every now and then, most recently at WrestleMania 35, when he faced off against Elias.

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