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John McCarthy is one of the few bridges between Bellator and the UFC. After a long career as a UFC referee, “Big” became a Bellator commentator and MMA analyst. As Bellator continues to grow, some fighters have shown similarities to those in the UFC, such as Danny Sabatello and Colby Covington.

Covington is known for two things – outrageously personal trash talk and phenomenal wrestling/cardio. Meanwhile, Bellator has a fighter with similar qualities to Sabatello.

Watch Danny Sabatello take to the mic in a post-fight media interview below:

“The Italian Gangster” is 2-0 in Bellator and tends to rely on psychological warfare during their fight build-up. In a recent appearance on the Weighing podcast, McCarthy compared the two fighters saying this:

“I love Danny Sabatello. He’s real and that’s the big difference. Danny Sabatello has a chip on his shoulder that he feels like people overlooked him. Been there and didn’t give it to him occasion much like a Colby Covington.”

The MMA world tends to label Covington as unreal due to his transition to an overly aggressive persona halfway through his career. However, Sabatello has always been an outgoing talker. While “Chaos” seems to be slowing down, “The Italian Gangster” begins to peak at the Bellator Bantamweight Grand Prix.

Watch John McCarthy compare Danny Sabatello and Colby Covington below:

John McCarthy says Danny Sabatello is ‘honestly that guy’

Judgment of Covington’s true character has been questioned in the past due to his actions when he thinks the cameras aren’t rolling. An example would be the humble approach he takes when talking to fans.

Watch the clip with Colby Covington below:

Watch this clip, Colby really seems like a humble and down to earth character. I would like to see more of this side for him. @ColbyCovMMA

Meanwhile, Sabatello has been consistent with his aggressive personality wherever he goes. During the same segment on WeighingMcCarthy had this to say:

“It’s not Danny Sabatello making something up. It’s honestly this guy saying, you know what, you screwed up doing your thing, and I wasn’t so lucky”

Although most MMA fans probably don’t know who Sabatello is, it’s only a matter of time before he earns some respect. Holding a 12-1 record, ‘The Italian Gangster’ trains with American Top Team. His next fight will be at Bellator 282, where he will look to continue his journey to becoming the Bellator bantamweight champion.

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