Jorge Masvidal announces Gamebred FC fighters will have no vaccine requirements; Joe Biden slams for new vaccine mandates


Jorge Masvidal recently spoke about the Gamebred Fighting Championship. He discussed the new rules mandated in the organization regarding COVID-19 vaccination.

Masvidal said fighters participating in the promotion would not be required to take any vaccines. On Twitter, Jorge Masvidal wrote:

“As of today there will be no vaccine requirement for fighters on @GamebredFC #supernecessary”

Gamebred FC, named after Jorge Masvidal’s nickname “Gamebred,” was inaugurated by the UFC welterweight in April 2021. It is a barehanded mixed martial arts promotion that made her television debut on June 25 in Miami.

Masvidal is the co-owner of the organization. Hip-hop artist Anuel AA has also invested in the promotion. “Gamebred” kicked off the MMA promotion with bare hands ahead of his second bout with reigning welterweight champion Kamaru Usman.

Jorge Masvidal also criticized US President Joe Biden for his comments on COVID-19 vaccination

Jorge Masvidal also criticized Joe Biden for his policies related to COVID-19.

The President of the United States recently announced that he would introduce new measures regarding COVID-19. They include a mandate to vaccinate all federal workers and contractors, in addition to a requirement that large companies must mandate vaccines or regular testing for employees.

“Gamebred” compared Joe Biden to former Cuban revolutionary Fidel Castro.

“Joe sleepy Castro tells us about the freedom he is now taking from us on live television”

Jorge Masvidal has also openly expressed his contempt for Fidel Castro in the past. He called activist and former football player Colin Kaepernick a “coward” for wearing a t-shirt printed with pictures of Castro.

He also uploaded a video, which consisted of a quote from former US President Ronald Reagan, to demonstrate his disapproval of Joe Biden’s policies.

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