Jorge Masvidal pleads for ‘fighter’ Ron DeSantis



Florida’s fighting governor receives a timely backup from a professional brawler ahead of Election Day Nov. 8.

Jorge Masvidal takes center stage in a new ad from Ron DeSantis country who praises the governor for “fighting for Florida to keep us free.”

“It takes a fighter to know a fighter, and Ron DeSantis is the real thing,” Masvidal says.

“He’s not tapping,” Masvidal adds, saying DeSantis is “doing the right thing in Florida.”

Despite recent legal controversy for Masvidal after he punched another UFC fighter Colby Covington, the Governor stood alongside the celebrity endorser. The trial regarding this incident is now set for December. But even in the immediate wake of the punch, the DeSantis campaign continued with a Fundraising in Miami with Masvidal in March.

Masvidal has also repeatedly backed DeSantis, applauding his stance against some pandemic safety measures on social media.

In June 2020, amid the first wave of COVID-19, Masvidal took to Twitter to thank the governor “for being so damn good” at his job and reopening the state.

Two months later, he published a on Instagram indicating Tony Montanathe fictional character of by Brian DePalma ‘Scarface’ was found dead along with ’29 other corpses, two tons of cocaine’ and a ‘fully automatic AR-15’, leading authorities to ‘determine deaths caused by: Covid-19’.

Masvidal wrote, “We know it’s not your fault, Governor Desantis. I’m so glad you see beyond the bs.

In April 2021, DeSantis promoted a UFC event Masvidal to headline against welterweight champion Kamaru Usman in Jacksonville. Masvidal lost the fight by knockout in the second round.

Masvidal also backed the former president donald trumpincluding to a Latinos for Trump event in September. The fighter also appeared during the 2020 cycle with Donald Trump Jr. and the US Senator. Marco Rubio under the so-called “fighters against socialism“bus ride.

See the new announcement below.

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