Jorge Masvidal relives the experience of the Donald Trump event


On September 25, 2020, the former President of the United States donald trump shocked the world, as well as UFC welterweights Jorge Masvidal when he spoke about the fighter at a presidential event.

“Thank you for being there Jorge, you really are a great champion,” Trump said of Masvidal. “You’re great at what you do and it’s right here [points to head] too. Don’t let anyone think it’s not.

Ahead of his Friday, August 5 event, iKon FC 4 in Savannah, Georgia, Jorge Masvidal joined Emma Rechenberg on ‘National Report’ on Newsmax to discuss the former president and his thoughts on Trump calling him out in the crowd at that event.

“It was surreal,” Masvidal said of Trump calling him out. “I was a Trump fan for a long time before he was president, for many things he did throughout his life. I was invited to the event and never in a million d years I never thought that President Trump was going to call me or ask me questions or anything. Just that I’m going to go, maybe at the end of the show I can shake his hand or I never would have thought in a million years that in the middle of his speech he would announce that I’m here and stuff like that He calls me so much because I’m in shock and that i don’t get up i’ve met a lot of nice people in my life and i’ve never been impressed i’ve been hit twice in my life it was roberto duran and mr trump my manager is next to me and he nudges me, ‘Get up, he wants you.’ And maybe for about three seconds I was frozen in time and I thought he was really calling me I finally got up and that’s when he pointed his finger at me But yeah, it was surreal for a fact.

Masvidal considers himself Donald Trump’s “biggest fan”. He told Rechenberg what made him such a huge Trump fan and it all comes down to the fact that he was a businessman before he was a politician.

“Before he showed up for the race, I was looking at Trump and he said right away, ‘I was in all these guys’ pockets, nobody’s in my pocket. I come here with my own thoughts and ideas and I’m going to bring that first plan to the table. And then he did just that. Everything he told us he was going to do, he executed unless the Democrats did it. prevent him from doing it or some crazy thing like that. But everything he said he was going to do, he did it. The Biden administration, the Obama administration at the time laughed at him, saying you didn’t have a magic wand for the economy, you’re not just gonna come here and fix the economy – he did just that, in I don’t have ‘I don’t know, like six, seven months the economy was already booming. A year later, it’s the best it’s ever been, two years later, forget it. We’re like in the golden age of the America. And now we see how p anointing this man was good and that’s because I really feel like he wasn’t a politician. He was a great businessman who wanted this country to succeed and do wonders. I think a lot of things he did were just common sense. Like we see with Biden how they have this hatred of fracking, as soon as Trump comes into the administration he removes all these bans and the frackers are going to fracking and we suffer from that and the whole world suffers from that basically from the mistakes that this administration is doing for her. That’s why I love Trump. He’s a businessman who puts America first.

Last Friday, Jorge Masivdal’s iKon FC 4 broke down and you can check out the full results here.


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