Josh Wang-Kim ready to smash “The Twin Dragons” in


From day one, it’s always been together.

It will be no different on Tuesday when Josh-Wang Kim fights for a UFC contract, with his twin brother John in his corner.

Highly touted since rising through the amateur ranks as teenagers, “The Twin Dragons” have been circled on every fight card they have fought on. On Dana White’s Contender Series, Wang-Kim (5-1) hopes the UFC president will join the roster.

“Every time we come out on this canvas, the artist paints something unique and new every time,” Wang-Kim told MMA Junkie on Tuesday. I’m just excited to paint something uniquely bright and masterful for Dana White to be like, ‘Oh shit. That’s what I was looking for. It’s here.

In 2020, “The Twin Dragons” turned professional. Already turning heads due to their combined amateur record of 30-2 (15-1 each, of course), the brothers have declared their next dominance on the professional circuit. However, due to their reputation and a pandemic, it took a little longer for the wheels to start rolling.

Josh went 5-1 with his only loss a disqualification for blows to the back of the head in a fight he was winning. John was successful on his professional debut but has not competed since for personal reasons and remains at 1-0. A return for him to the Nevada Regional Circuit, however, is on the horizon.

While this opportunity has long been one that Josh Wang-Kim has undoubtedly anticipated, he would have liked his brother to compete on the same card as a fighter. Wang-Kim speculated that the universe may have always planned it that way.

“As Max Holloway says, ‘It is what it is.’ I came out of the womb first. He was the second out of the womb. I’ll be the first in the UFC. I’ll be second to the UFC,” Wang-Kim said. was the tip of the spear and he would follow. In a perfect world, yeah, it would have been great for us to debut together. But it’s not a perfect world and there’s no right to anything. whatever. I’m just very lucky to be able to do what I love and he can also do what he loves. We’re just here to do magic and make history.

After 12 weeks of a grueling and comprehensive training camp, Wang-Kim is one impressive victory away from fulfilling a dream – and introducing the UFC to “The Twin Dragons.”

“I trained and prepared for 14 years, 22 fights,” Wang-Kim said. “It’s not my first rodeo. I’ve done this dance more times than I can count. I’m excited. … It’s probably the opportunity of a lifetime. I’m going to grab it by the throat and make her my female dog The pressure – I like the pressure Give me the pressure The pressure creates diamonds I’m ready to shine tomorrow night.

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