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Ultimate Fighting Champion Kamaru Usman has revealed plans for the first edition of the mixed martial arts event to be held today (Friday) at the Grand Africa Ballroom, Lagos Continental Hotel.

Usman’s fight premiere is expected to bring five fights and 10 professional fighters to the ring in Lagos.

The event, supported by the UFC welterweight world champion, is hosted by a professional Nigerian mixed martial arts promotion company, 5Five 4Four (54) Limited.

In today’s bouts, Amilare ‘Ring Beast’ Abdulrahimb will take on Ugochukwu ‘Nicotine’ Melvin, while Jude ‘Hurricane’ Ezugwu will take on Richard ‘Resident Ninja’ Chidi Nwankwo, while Emmanuel Onoja takes on Richard ‘Shield’ Muzaan. Daniel ‘Big Shark’ Emeka will duel with Ayivor ‘Finisher Mawuko.

Usman explained that the introduction of mixed martial arts to the country will create opportunities for young people interested in the sport.

He said: “It happens quite often that when someone comes into a position of power, they want to help.

“But the difficult part is how to help.

“You can’t just become the best fighter in the world and then decide to open a swimming school all over Africa and expect it to work when I don’t know anything about swimming.

“At first I thought about it over and over again about how I can help and how I can create opportunities for more young people like me.

“Fortunately, I was able to meet these amazing partners, which was the best way to realize the vision and what we are planning to do.”

Lagos State Sports Commission Executive Chairman Shola Aiyepeku said Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu was interested in the sport and what it has to offer in Lagos.

Aiyepeku said: “There is no doubt that Mr. Gouverneur loves sport and understands the power of sport; the influence and impact it can have on our environment.

“I was excited when I heard about the partnership between Usman and 54 Limited, which aims to provide a platform for other Nigerians, who believe they can take on the sport.”

Mixed martial arts is a multi-billion dollar industry in the United States, and Lagos State seeks opportunities in the sport to contribute to its economy.

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