Ken Shamrock loved his WWE career but always felt like he was coming back to MMA


Ken Shamrock loved his WWE career but always felt like he was coming back to MMA

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Ken Shamrock sacrificed his dreams in mixed martial arts to care for his family, but through the process he found new love in professional wrestling.

IMPACT Wrestling Hall of Famer Ken Shamrock recently sat down with Steve Fall of NBC SportsBoston to discuss a wide variety of topics. When asked about Bruce Prichard’s belief that he always had one foot in wrestling and one foot in MMA during his time in WWE, Shamrock admitted there was some truth to that.

“Oh, I did it because when I left, like I said, it was more of a necessity,” admitted Ken Shamrock. “But when I got into pro wrestling, I fell in love with it. No doubt, it was awesome. I loved it. I loved it. But it was always on the back of my head that I was going to go back.

The former WWE Intercontinental Champion has revealed he promised himself when he started in mixed martial arts that he would continue to do so for as long as he could support his family. But if that wasn’t possible, he would have to find a job outside of MMA, which led him to professional wrestling.

“Like I said, it was something I said to myself when I was fighting when I got into it, and I was young, that I would pursue this. But if it got to a point where I couldn’t support my family anymore, I would quit and go get a job,” Ken Shamrock revealed. “And I always thought my family came first. And so I managed to achieve that, but I got to a point where I had built this huge world by helping at-risk children and helping fighters who lived in a house, six to eight fighters, and I had three different gyms to train in, I had trainers.

“I had all of this world that I built. I have a family. I had all of these things that are there, and I needed to earn a certain amount of money to be able to continue doing that. And I couldn’t do it in mixed martial arts because they were struggling and going to court all the time. So it wasn’t their fault. It was just that it was the script. So I had to walk away.

“I had to sacrifice my dreams, and what I love doing is all these other people like Frank Shamrock, like Gary Bolender, like Mikey Burnett. So they can keep doing what they were doing and open up the gyms so they can still train and be able to take care of the kids, take care of my family I had to sacrifice getting in the ring and my ability to fight because I built that, and I felt it was my responsibility to maintain it, so I had to leave and do something else.

“Fortunately for me, when I got into pro wrestling, I loved it. Once I got there, and started doing it, it was just awesome, and I enjoyed it, and it was a great opportunity and a feeling to get involved in something when you’re not quite sure at first but then once you’re in it you realize it was a different type. But it was just as enjoyable as when I was fighting. It was so satisfying to walk in there and hear those fans screaming and screaming; it was such a great time.”

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