Kevin Holland reveals why he’s moving up to welterweight


Kevin Holland is affectionately nicknamed “loudmouth” for good reason. The now UFC welterweight has run into trouble on social media with everyone in his former division blocking him.

Kevin Holland likes to DM his opponents on Instagram and talk trash to them. It looks like the UFC middleweights have had enough.

“[Marvin] Vettori blocked me. He couldn’t take the jokes,” Holland said with a laugh during Wednesday’s episode of MMA hour.

“Paulo Costa blocked me too. That’s probably why I went to 170. All the 85 guys blocked me, so I was like, ‘Fuck, I’m just going to go to 170.’ I need people to come after me.

Being blocked by everyone on Instagram wasn’t the UFC fighter‘s only motivation. He had planned to move up to welterweight for a long time.

“Right before I fought Brendan Allen, I was talking about doing this and then going down to 170,” Holland said. “Then I lost to Brendan Allen and I was like, ‘Okay, I’m going to stay at 85, try to get that back, and then eventually go to 170.’ So 170 has been in the game plan for a long time. When I was a local fighter, I had a saying, “Do you want to starve or do you want to starve? Back then, I didn’t know how to lose weight, so it was just a bunch of not eating, trying to gain weight, right You get to the UFC, you realize it’s fat guys cutting weight, everyone knows how to cut weight from the good way.

“Looking around I see all 170 guys – they’re 190lbs, they’re 200lbs. They’re all heavier than me. I talk to Gilbert Burns in the lobby before one of the events and he says : ‘Dude, I’ve lost more weight than you. I’m taller than you and I fight at 170.’ Dude was fighting in 1955. Longtime sparring partner James Vick was fighting in 1955. He always told me I should go back to 70. I had a bad cut at 70 once and I don’t wanted to do it anymore. So now that we have the nutritionists and stuff like that, I went to UFC PI, they said I was green enough to go to 170 – I was like, yeah, let’s try. Why not?”

Kevin Holland is currently making his UFC welterweight debut with a fight against Alex Oliveira at UFC 272 in March. The fight should be very exciting between two attackers.

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