Kevin Holland weighs in on UFC fighters’ salaries


Kevin Holland recently confirmed that UFC fighter pay isn’t necessarily very lucrative, especially for those at the bottom of the totem pole.

“Trailblazer” recounted his experience as a rising prospect, revealing that the average fighter’s payout is “not that much.” On top of that, Holland pointed out that while a fighter wants to compensate by being more active, it’s not always up to them when to fight.

Speaking on the controversial issue of UFC fighter compensation in an episode of the Marshall Inu $MRI Official podcast, the standout welterweight said:

“It’s not that much when you start. You would definitely like to have sponsors in the background. Or when you start it’s hard to be as active as I was in 2020, just because of the fact that you don’t “I don’t have a name yet. So you just have to wait your turn. There were a lot of people in there. So yes, it gets quite difficult. A lot of people, they get into the UFC and they still keep regular jobs.”

Check out Kevin Holland’s interview in the clip below:

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Kevin Holland defends Dana White amid UFC fighter pay controversy

UFC President Dana White is often criticized for the perceived inadequacy of what his company pays fighters.

The UFC boss previously brushed off criticism during a Competitor Series post-fight press conference. According to White, fighters complaining about their salaries should turn to Kevin Holland, who was richly rewarded for fighting five times in 2020.

The UFC president believes fighters who compete more have a lot more openings than those who quit less frequently, citing Kevin Holland as the perfect example.

Holland fully agreed with White’s assessment. During the UFC Fight Night 193 media day, “Trailblazer” urged his peers to change their views on UFC fighter compensation:

“You have to be more active. You have to be more active to be able to get that money. Money is a lot. You need that money to be able to take care of businesses and stuff like that. Family, etc. ., etc. But people say, “Oh, NFL people make that much money, NBA people make that much money.” … Bruh, you made $30-40 grand on a fight. If you fought twice, you win $80,000, which is still more than the person here who works every day earns.

Watch Kevin Holland’s interview below:

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