Khabib Nurmagomedov and Tony Ferguson could be ‘TUF coaches’


Although there seems to be a nearly zero percent chance that Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Tony Ferguson will materialize inside the cage, the second closest thing might be on the UFC record.

In recent weeks, both fighters have expressed interest in training against each other for an upcoming season of “The Ultimate Fighter.” Now UFC President Dana White has weighed in on the possibility – and it seems he’s just as intrigued by the proposal as anyone else.

“I’ll think about it,” White said Sport bar stool tuesday. “…I will absolutely entertain this idea.”

He added with a laugh, “Hopefully they get pissed off enough with each other to want to fight.”

Widely considered one of the most sought-after matchups in MMA history that never happened, Nurmagomedov vs. Ferguson has been scheduled on five separate occasions – each time the fight was called off. While Ferguson is still an active fighter, Nurmagomedov retired in September 2020. Ferguson continued to call out Nurmagomedov after his retirement for a sixth sparring attempt, although Nurmagomedov did not take the bait.

“The Ultimate Fighter” is currently airing its 30th season on ESPN+. Over the years, White has indicated that the reality series holds a special place in his heart as he credits it for a large part of the brand’s rise to popularity.

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