Kurt Angle reveals he’s been offered UFC deals multiple times


Kurt Angle – a name almost every WWE fan knows. The five-time world pro wrestling champion has established himself as one of the greatest of all time and has risen through the ranks. Following his WWE wrestling career, he continued to entertain fans as the General Manager of RAW. But things would have been completely different in 1996.


When Team USA won freestyle gold in 1996, Kurt was a huge contributor. But did you know that Kurt was offered to fight in the UFC several times by Dana White, the president of the UFC?

Wrestlers like Brock Lesnar, Bobby Lashey, Dave Bautista, etc. have been in both WWE and MMA, but Kurt was on another level. While he could have been UFC champion, the money offered to him was not enough for him to say yes to Dana.

He revealed that in 1996 the UFC offered $150,000 for 10 fights and he didn’t find the money “worth it”. “So I had to give up, and I would say about six, seven years later, it just blew up, because of Dana White, he did a great thing to get the business going again. But I knew if I had done right after the Olympics, I probably wouldn’t be in pro wrestling,” he added.

In October of last year, Kurt on his YouTube channel “The Kurt Angle Show” also revealed that the UFC had given him several opportunities to fight and compete in the world of MMA. In 2006 and 2009, he was close to going for the Octagon Ring Championship but was unable to do so due to several reasons such as health issues and drug addiction. Kurt also revealed that he had to go to rehab in 2013 due to his alcohol addiction after going off painkillers.

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