Leigh Centurions owner Derek Beaumont attacks UFC fighter for ‘disrespect’


Last week, UFC fighter Tom Aspinall caused a stir when he gave his opinion on rugby league.

While acknowledging the toughness of the game, he was quick to point out that he would excel in the sport.

“I’ve been involved in rugby a bit myself,” Aspinall told the Rugby World Cup podcast.

“I still take the time to watch it and I like it because I’m a big fan of any contact sport where you have to put your body and mind on the line – I like that kind of stuff.

“I would love to have a game. I guarantee that if I get the ball and run into someone hard, they’re not going to stop me.

“If I get a ball and run into a rugby player who doesn’t know what I know about grappling, I guarantee you he won’t knock me down.”

Now, however, Leigh Centurions owner Derek Beaumont – who is one of the most outspoken presidents in the sport – has hit back at Aspinall for his comments.

Beaumont tweeted: ‘That disrespecting him that no one cares about is fattening you up! Much tougher men and better fighters played rugby than you could fight on a pitch let alone carry a ball. Complete disrespect trying to cover it up with further disrespect! Snowflake ha ha”

To be fair to the duo, they had a few laughs following this, with Aspinall replying, “It’s just joking, chill out man. Don’t be too offended. I hope you are well.”

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