Leon Edwards manager hopes for first UFC title defense in UK


There’s a good chance he’ll come home.

New UFC welterweight champion Leon Edwards could get his first title defense at home, at least from preliminary talks between his management and the UFC. The Englishman caused a big upset when he knocked out Kamaru Usman in dramatic fashion in the main event of UFC 278 last month.

With the score at 1-1, there has been interest in booking an immediate trilogy from all parties – UFC, Edwards and Usman. Edwards’ manager, Audie Attar of Paradigm Sports, thinks there’s a good chance the trilogy fight will land in the UK, and that’s something he’s excited about.

“There have been preliminary discussions, and I know the UFC is thinking along the same lines,” Attar told MMA Junkie. “There has been no objection or thought to the contrary that they are looking to have him in the UK. So it’s very good for Leon. He deserves it.

I heard an interview where Usman even said he wants to go to the UK, which is great to see him want to be the visiting fighter, if you will, and go to Leon’s backyard and confront him. It’s phenomenal.

Wembley Stadium was briefly mentioned and quickly retracted by UFC President Dana White after UFC 278. Although a famous venue with a large capacity for fans, the setting outdoors is always something that concerns White when organizing events.

Attar shares the same sentiments as White and thinks that even if it doesn’t happen at Wembley Stadium, only the trilogy in the UK is enough for a momentous event.

“I think obviously we’re talking about Wembley Stadium, and the UK is not Southern California, so we have to consider the weather at the end of the day, and you have to see if that can happen to Wembley or wherever,” Attar said. . “I know the Anthony Joshua fights took place in Cradiff, and it seems like a collapsible stadium, if you will, so rain or shine, the fight goes on.

“Seems to be a bit more appropriate for UK weather conditions. But that being said it will be electric wherever it is and hearing Dana say it will be local time is also probably super exciting not only for UK fans, but also for European fans due to the time that exists for traditional pay-per-view cards.

“I think there are a lot of different elements that look exciting and promising. It is now a matter of formalizing them and putting them into practice.

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