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Those who think they understand what goes on in the mind of an MMA fighter should talk to Lucas Rosa and realize that they could be dead wrong. Lucas thinks being an aggressive bully doesn’t win the toughest fights in life. They are won over by the power of the human heart as much as by sophisticated, intellectual reasoning.

where it all started

This New England area fighter was born in Boston and raised in Peabody, Massachusetts before moving to Seabrook, New Hampshire. He comes from a close-knit family of fighters that started with his grandfather. Lucas follows his father, Charles Rosa, a former boxer who now runs Chucky’s Fight (a charity that raises awareness of drug and alcohol abuse after his two deceased brothers died of overdoses), and his older brother Charles “BostonStrong” Rosa, the esteemed MMA and UFC fighter whose name you may have seen when online sports betting.

Lucas’ journey began at a young age with an interest in self-defense jiu-jitsu which he practiced with his twin brother Francis. He says they were obsessed with Godzilla as kids, which led to a lot of wrestling games on their trampoline. Lucas played many sports in school, but turned to folk wrestling, which led to his first accomplishment as the first two-year-old captain at his high school. It went on to win the Division 2 state title in 2014.

Later, at Wheaton College in Massachusetts, he turned to rugby while completing his double major in creative writing and philosophy — not a combat sport, but still pretty violent. He got his foot in the door of MMA through the Watson Fellowship at Wheaton. This prestigious academic scholarship approved and funded his overseas project, “MMA: A Philosophical Perspective”. Lucas was one of 40 applicants selected to travel overseas to pursue their passion for a year.

He immersed himself in the world of martial arts from a cultural and intellectual perspective and even studied the ancient and nearly lost martial art of Bokator in Cambodia, learning from the grandmaster of their martial art, San Kim Sean. He then studied Muay Thai in Thailand and Dutch Kickboxing in the North of the Netherlands.

In his quest for knowledge, he discovered that many of the same virtues he admired in philosophy were the same as those in MMA. For Lucas, “MMA isn’t just about fighting,” he finds his athletic and intellectual sides to be very consistent with each other. After completing this overseas trip, Lucas decided to fully pursue his new MMA dream.

The birth of a possible legend

In January 2020, he moved to South Florida, one of the top two locations for MMA training. He began training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, MMA wrestling and kickboxing under UFC veteran and BJJ black belt Charles “Chainsaw” McCarthy and his older brother Charles. This is where his intensive training began while helping to form the American Combat Gym (ACG).

His first fight was in March 2021 under the ACG banner, and since then he has gone undefeated and is one of the most active fighters in the country. Lucas already has six amateur kickboxing victories and five amateur MMA victories and is still going strong, with his next fight likely to take place on June 17, 2022, as the main headliner at Hard Rock Casino – an incredible achievement for an amateur fighter.

Lucas strives to portray himself as an intellectual fighter rather than an angry brute. This is rather interesting since his fighting style and personality are definitely portrayed as hot-tempered, vicious, and rather insane.

On the other hand, his normal demeanor is rather calm, collected and rational. He says he uses the tragedies of his past to fuel his personality as a fighter, but still views martial arts as his personal quest for knowledge, striving to improve every day.

That’s no surprise considering he won the 2021 Fighter of the Year award for the RIZE promotion he fights for, as well as a kickboxing tournament in Komodo. He finished and won his previous four fights in the first two rounds with relentless strength, including an arm-triangle submission and a modified rear naked choke (short choke) submission. Lucas’ most recent victories were the TKO in Boston for Combat Zone and the TKO in the RIZE promotion in West Palm Beach.

The best fighter in the country

Mr. Rosa boldly claims to be the best fighter in the land, and while he remains undefeated, that appears to be the case. He’s probably a top 10 ranked fighter in his state’s featherweight division, given Tapology’s ratings don’t factor in his kickboxing victories, but that doesn’t stop him from proving his claim.

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