Mark Hunt ready to drop UFC lawsuit if Dana White and the Fertitta brothers beat him in 5-round MMA fight


Mark Hunt has suggested he’s ready to drop his lawsuit against Dana White, the Fertitta brothers (Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta) and the UFC if White and the Fertitta brothers beat him in a five-round MMA fight.

“The Super Samoan” added, however, that if he wins, the UFC will have to pay every UFC fighter who has ever had a grievance with the company.

Mark Hunt said on Instagram:

“Mark the super Samoan vs Dana the white parasite Lorenzo Fertita and frank fertita. 5 rounds mma those losers @danawhite frank Fertita Lorenzo Fertita has ruined the lives of so many fighters he and his friends sc ** @ufc has started. now who would pay to see this “

Mark Hunt’s offer for promotion comes after it was recently revealed that he was asked to pay $ 388,235 in legal fees to the UFC. As reported by Combat Sports Act, the United States District Court in Nevada ordered Hunt to pay the amount intended to cover attorney fees and the costs of his lawsuit against the UFC.

A clause in Mark Hunt’s UFC contract allegedly deals with a scenario in which a fighter sues the organization. This suggests that if the claimant (in this case Mark Hunt) fails to win their case against the winning party (the UFC), the claimant will have to pay legal fees to the winning party.

Mark Hunt vs. Dana White, The Fertitta Brothers, Brock Lesnar & UFC

‘The Super Samoan’ filed a lawsuit against Brock Lesnar, UFC President Dana White and White’s UFC business associates a few years ago. After their fight at UFC 200 in July 2016, Lesnar failed several drug tests.

Hunt alleged that the UFC knowingly let Lesnar use Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs) before their fight.

Mark Hunt has charged the aforementioned parties with breach of contract, bodily harm, breach of implied good faith commitment, fair use, fraud and unjust enrichment.

The United States District Court for Nevada rejected most of Hunt’s claims in 2019, except for a violation of the implied good faith and fair use commitment. This request was also later dismissed after the UFC obtained summary judgment.

Nonetheless, the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit reopened the case on September 24, 2021. The Ninth Circuit overturned the district court’s dismissal of the fraud and battery allegations made by Mark Hunt.

Therefore, the district court should reconsider the claims with further instructions from a higher court. Mark Hunt split from the UFC in 2018. Last year, Hunt also accused Lesnar of lacking weight in UFC 200.

Additionally, with Mark Hunt now ordered to pay UFC $ 388,235, it remains to be seen how the case plays out.

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