‘Married at First Sight’ star injured in MMA fight


A reality TV star Married at first sight injured himself in his first mixed martial arts (MMA) fight last weekend. Mikey Pembroke defeated his opponent in an Alta/Wake Your Warrior event. During the fight, Pembroke suffered several facial injuries, which he shared on his Instagram story. He said he suffered a swollen and dislocated jaw during the fight and had to be sent to the hospital where doctors drained his jaw of fluids in an attempt to relieve the swelling, according to MMA News. .

For his jaw injury, Pembroke was given ketamine to deal with the pain. He underwent successful surgery and was discharged from hospital last week. “Look at this infection on the side of my face. There’s pus on the inside too,” Pembroke said on her Instagram Story, per digital spy. And regarding the surgery, Pembroke revealed “They’re going to cut it open and drain it because there’s something going on inside. I’ve had to fast for the last 24 hours.”

Pembroke appeared on the Australian version of Married at first sight in 2020 (season 7) where he was paired with Natasha Spencer before the pair called it off before their final decision. In an interview with 9Entertainemnt shortly after appearing on the show, Spencer opened up about a turning point in her relationship with Pembroke.

“I discussed something that I probably shouldn’t have discussed, which was Mikey’s sexual performance. It was our first time consummating our marriage and we had some not-so-great starts,” a- she told 9Entertainment. “But it was between us, and he had made the joke, I thought it was OK to make the joke but I discussed it a little too deep with Stacey, and Michael overheard, and then Michael said decided to take it upon himself to have a dinner chat with Mikey.”

Spencer continued, “Mikey was obviously so embarrassed. If you’re his mate, there’s better ways to do it. I got worse as his wife, but I was trying to let Michael know, ‘Hey, don’t try to put all the s- on me, you pretty much walked away and did the same thing. “The Australian version of Married at first sight aired its ninth season earlier this year. Since its debut in 2015, the series has aired 197 episodes.


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