Michael Bisping given green light to fight Jake Paul as UFC contract request submitted


Michael Bisping has been given the all-clear by an athletic commission to fight Jake Paul despite only having one eye – with the organization ready to sanction a fight between the two. The legendary British former UFC fighter was called out by American YouTuber turned boxer Paul and he has now answered himself by putting the ball in Paul’s court.

Bisping retired from the UFC in 2018, having fought 11 times with one eye after a career-ending hit. In 2013, Bisping was hit with a vicious headbutt by Vitor Belfort, knocking him out. At the time, Belfort was using a now banned testosterone replacement therapy, more commonly known as TRT, which had given a clear physical advantage in the octagon.

Bisping would go on to suffer from eye problems for the rest of his career, after the kick gave him a detached retina – fighting 11 more times. He has since confirmed that one of his eyes was a prosthesis.

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Paul named Bisping to his six-man ‘hit list’ as he confirmed he would return to the boxing ring in August for his sixth professional fight. The 25-year-old is 5-0 in his boxing career since turning professional in 2020 – beating British YouTuber AnEsonGib, former NBA star Nate Robinson and MMA legends Ben Askren and Tyron Woodley – beating the latter twice.

Speaking to Teddy Atlas on his podcast on who he could fight next, Paul said: “Floyd Mayweather, Oscar De La Hoya, Anderson Silva, Michael Bisping, Tommy Fury, Sonny [Bill] Williams out of Australia. There are many blacklisted people and other names we talk to. I just try to choose the biggest opponent.”

But now it looks like he’s focused on Bisping, as he wrote to the Clitheroe star on Twitter: “I’ll knock you out worse than Hendo. You’re an easy fight. But show me you can get a license and I’ll show you $1m plus PPV… (using that emoji because Bisping can’t use it lololololol.” He then sent a video directed at Bisping.

Now Bisping has responded. After posting a video confirming that he can fight, he simply commented: “Your move”, to Jake Paul.

Paul responded, promising to set up a contract as long as Bisping is no longer tied to the UFC. He said: “Bisping, post the legal confirmation that you’re not under UFC contract and I’ll get you a contract. You retired in 2017 and Dana always had you by the balls. And we fight where I tell you we are fighting.”

The Tsuut’ina Combative Commission in Canada, an Indian reservation that can sanction fighting, appears to have given the green light to a potential fight by reaching out to Bisping.

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