Michael Bisping names discipline he thinks is best to start venturing into MMA


Michael Bisping believes wrestling is the best martial art to start with for aspiring MMA fighters. “The Count” also notes that Brazilian jiu-jitsu comes in second.

During his MMA career, Michael Bisping was at one point one of the best fighters on the planet. He was primarily known for his pressure-based strikes, but still maintains that having a good foundation in grappling is the most integral skill for a mixed martial artist.

Speaking on his YouTube channel, Michael Bisping said:

“Wrestling is good. Jiu-jitsu is good. Boxing is good. They’re all good. They’re all good. But if I had to pick one. BJJ. Or even wrestling. If you wanna do it. mixed martial arts, wrestling Wrestling or brazilian jiu-jitsu I would probably say wrestling to be honest. Because if you train the brain to be able to wrestle, learn to wrestle, then you can learn to add jiu elements of jitsu. you could become a good wrestler, you could learn how to be a good boxer.

Watch the full video from Michael Bisping’s YouTube channel below:

How many submission finishes does Michael Bisping have on file?

In his 39-fight career, Michael Bisping has scored just two submission wins. He finished Ross Pointon, who was 4-5 at the time, with an armband in a Cage Warriors promotion fight.

Nov26.2005Michael Bisping takes part in his final fight before entering UFC and finishes Ross Pointon with an armband https://t.co/zjdBoQjt2y

He also scored a victory on the British regional stage against Alex Cook. It’s unclear which submission ‘The Count’ used to end the fight, but Sherdog currently listed him as a ‘strangler’.

Michael Bisping also has two submission losses on his record. The most famous of these is the loss of rear throttle submission he suffered against the iconic Georges St-Pierre.

He was also subdued by his longtime rival Luke Rockhold, who caught “The Count” in a guillotine choke after knocking him unconscious with blows. Bisping, of course, would later take revenge on Rockhold, taking the nickname “left hook Larry” in the process.

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