Michael Chandler discusses his move from Bellator to UFC: ‘I don’t necessarily make more money on paper or in my fights’

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Michael Chandler discussed his move from Bellator to the UFC.

It was at the end of 2020 that Michael Chandler, three-time Bellator champion, made the decision to sign with the UFC. Since switching sides, after almost 10 years with Bellator, Chandler has made 4 Octagon appearances with 2 wins and 2 losses to his name.

Chandler (23-7 MMA) is coming off of beating Tony Ferguson (26-7 MMA) last Saturday night at UFC 274. It was a front kick that dropped Ferguson face-first to the canvas just 17 seconds after the start of the second round. Some media and fans call it the “knockout of the year”.

Michael Chandler, Tony Ferguson, UFC 274

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It was during a recent appearance on the ‘How U Livin J Piven’ podcast that Chandler spoke about UFC vs. Bellator fight purses, saying (h/t MMANews):

“You know what it is? I make more money, (but) I don’t necessarily make more money on paper or in my fights.

Continuing to talk about his reputation, Chandler said:

“What I’ve been able to do is – again, going back to my reputation, I’ve been a smaller name, maybe I’ve been a guy who’s been overlooked, I’ve maybe been a guy who (people) said, ‘Well, he’s not that legit because he fights in Bellator, but one thing that I’ve always done is I’ve kept a really good reputation. I kept my nose clean, I stayed out of the negative headlines, I was always in the positive headlines, and then my fights spoke for themselves. I was an artist .

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Speaking of pay-per-view opportunities, “Iron” had this to say:

“It all kind of just kind of builds that long-time resume for when I came to the UFC to be the co-main event on Conor (McGregor) vs. (Dustin) Poirier – almost two million buys pay-per-view, and then I was the main event for a world title fight, and then I was on another huge pay-per-view.

Ending the conversation, Chandler concluded:

“The amount of eyeballs I’ve received and donated from the UFC has coincided with this great reputation of being a hard worker, of being a man of integrity, of being a hard-nosed fighter, of being a fighter, a father, a husband. It all fit in perfectly, and I was able to make a lot of money outside of the cage and have great relationships with great companies and great people.

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So there you have it, maybe it’s not “all for the money”, but one thing is for sure, Michael Chandler is making a name for himself in the UFC.

The question now becomes who will be his next opponent in the Octagon? Chandler has expressed his desire to fight Conor McGregor, but only the promotion knows, it could, should or should happen. Who would you like to see Chandler fight next?

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