Michael Chandler talks about what he wants to accomplish in the UFC


Michael Chandler has suggested that his income is probably the most important aspect of his fighting career. ‘Iron’ added that winning a UFC world title is potentially just as important as the money he makes as a professional fighter.

Talk to Yahoo! Sports’ Kevin Iole, Chandler explained that entertaining fans with his fighting style would rank third in what he wants to accomplish in the UFC.

The lightweight star stressed that making as much money as possible and winning UFC gold are his most important goals in the organization:

“Of course, I think money, obviously, is always the number one thing, the most important thing because that’s how I feed my sons. That’s how I take care of my wife and serve my wife about how we can live the life I never dreamed of or ever imagined I could live.”

“So I think it’s definitely a connection between the belt and the money that comes with it. But even though I’m fighting in a fan-friendly way, I don’t think it’s the most important; until I got in because this guy can’t be trusted.

On that note, Chandler mentioned that when he competed inside the octagon, he sometimes went into autopilot mode, fought in a high-risk, fan-friendly style, and engaged in bloody battles with his opponents.

Watch Michael Chandler’s conversation with Kevin Iole in the video below:

Michael Chandler thinks his UFC 268 fight against Justin Gaethje could be inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame

Michael Chandler is set to face Tony Ferguson in a highly anticipated lightweight bout at UFC 274 on May 7. The fight card will be headlined by a UFC lightweight title match between defending champion Charles Oliveira and challenger Justin Gaethje.

Curiously, Chandler is no stranger to headlining fighters at UFC 274, having lost to Oliveira and Gaethje. Chandler came close to beating his opponents in both competitions before eventually overexerting himself and losing.

Oh my 🤩Michael Chandler 🆚 Tony Ferguson seems ready for #UFC274 (By Sports Illustrated) https://t.co/lZGWw1VqrS

The match against Gaethje, considered one of the greatest fights of all time, saw Chandler put up a valiant performance at UFC 268 last November. Gaethje won the thriller in three rounds by unanimous decision.

Either way, ‘Iron’ is more optimistic than ever. In a recent interview with morning fight Brian Campbell, Chandler claimed he would like to see his legendary clash with Gaethje inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame:

“Justin Gaethje’s fight that became fight of the year and will hopefully enter the fight wing hall of fame soon”

Watch the interview here:

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