Midnight Mania! Derek Brunson slams USADA’s ‘worst testing company’ for glitchy app and location failures



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Did you know that UFC fighters must notify the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) of their location at all times? Since they are subject to random doping tests, athletes are expected to constantly update the testing organization, and there are stiff penalties for failing to meet their criteria. A trio of whereabouts failures in a calendar year will result in an athlete being suspended, just like Nick Diaz!

Over the years, there has been some pushback as to how this has been implemented, as well as speculation regarding confidentiality and whether or not this constant monitoring should merit athlete employee status. Previously there was talk of 24/7 tracking, but based on the following rant from Derek Brunson, this feature has come, gone and been replaced by something much more buggy .

The middleweight contender took to Twitter to complain about the drug testing organization earlier today. In his post, Brunson complains that there is no longer a GPS feature, which means it’s easier for fighters to suffer location failures while on the move. He also wonders if USADA catches anyone…

When asked further, Brunson elaborated a bit, explaining that he had been told twice about the whereabouts failures, so a third could spell disaster for his career. Brunson points to having multiple businesses/properties as the reason for all of his runs, which is a necessity for most professional fighters nearing the end of their careers.

This is a complicated question, as Georges St. Pierre has already explained how the tracking system can be manipulated to abuse performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs). Cleaning the sport as much as possible is necessary for the image of the organization and the safety of its athletes, but these same athletes carry loads as a result.


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