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“Tom, text Dana White, I need UFC ringside seats after winning the Super Bowl.”

Bucs Stud wide receiver Mike Evans has always been a baller. But Evans thinks he raised his game on the shoulders of one guy.

That would be Bucs quarterback Tom Brady.

Evans recently met virtually with Von Miller on the Buffalo Bills defensive end podcast, “VonCast” seen exclusively on Launderer’s report.

Miller asked Evans how it was to play with Brady and Evans gave Brady some crazy props for helping Evans propel himself into the receiver he is today.

“It’s so detailed,” Evans said of Brady. “He’s the most detailed player I’ve played with. He makes sure we’re ready and on point. Since I’ve been playing with him, my mental errors are much less.

Off the court, Evans said he learned from Brady that taking care of his body is money well spent.

“That’s the main thing I’ve learned over the last three years playing for him,” Evans said. “He is undergoing treatment every day. Still.”

Miller, who like Evans played for Texas A&M in college, told Evans it was a smart decision he made. Miller detailed what he does just so his body can play well.

“I spend most of my day doing this,” Miller, 33, said, adding that he was doing more treatment on his body than he was practicing and watching the combined tape. “I spent most of my time [physically] get ready to play the next game.

Evans also gave Brady props for setting him up with backstage passes to a UFC event where Evans was able to hang out with one of Brady’s business partners, the shooter. UFC Dana White.

“He plugged it in like nothing happened,” Evans said.

Joe is hoping Evans gets his 329 yards over the next seven games to maintain that streak of 1,000 yards per season at nine.

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