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“The more time I spent in martial arts, the more I learned about myself,” Cosme said. “I realized how far I was progressing as a martial artist, and I loved the tough competition and how I could really test myself.”

Like any professional MMA fighter, Cosme dreams of reaching the biggest stage possible and becoming a contender in the UFC. His dream could come true very soon.

On Friday, Cosme will take a step closer to the UFC when he faces his fifth professional bout at iKON Fighting Championship 4 against UFC superstar Jorge Masvidal in Savannah, Georgia.

Masvidal currently ranks 6th in the UFC welterweight rankings and founded the iKON FC organization in early 2022. Cosme won fights at both iKON FC 1 and iKON FC 2 earlier this year.

“The iKON FC 4 Savannah main event features 4-0 Amun Cosme, who is one fight away from being called up to the UFC,” Masvidal said. “His opponent is also undefeated and he is looking to take that shine away from him. With the stakes this high, we’re sure to see violence in the cage no matter what.

Cosme will face his toughest opponent to date, Chilean Diego Gomez Manzur, also known as “El Nino”. Like Cosme, Manzur is undefeated in professional play, going 5-0.

With a win, Cosme could secure his first-ever UFC fight. If not, he could still earn a spot on Dana White’s Contender Series, which puts martial artists on the map every week and brings them closer to the UFC.

Fully focused on the current task at hand, Cosmo doesn’t look too far ahead.

“You can’t pay too much attention to what happens after the fight, because you’re not watching the fight itself.”

While Cosme is determined to reach the next level in his professional career, he equally appreciates the importance of teaching martial arts.

“Teaching what we know is very important”, Cosme said. “It’s the only way we live. What I am taught has been taught to someone else. It is my duty as a martial artist that when I acquire knowledge, I must give it away.

As Cosme learned throughout his life, the scope of martial arts training goes far beyond the physical aspects of combat.

“It dives into mental growth and discipline,” Cosme said. “It explores how to deal with defeat and loss, as well as how to overcome them. It teaches life skills that can help push someone to their limits physically and mentally.

Cosme approaches each day with the same philosophy, an outlook on life that has fueled his push to greatness as a professional MMA fighter and teacher:


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