MMA fighter William Cassoday chokes man who attacks cop


A former mixed martial arts competitor has sprung into action to take down a man who was fighting a cop on the side of the road in Indiana, according to a report.

William Cassoday, 39, was driving to visit his mother on Monday afternoon when he saw a patrolman from the Porter County Sheriff’s Office being attacked, according to The Lake Geneva Regional News.

“As I was passing I see the guy swinging at the cop,” Cassoday reportedly said.

The MMA fighter and Brazilian jiu-jitsu brown belt pulled over on the road and returned to the scene as suspect Christopher Delgado, 37, was in a position to attack two other people, according to the report.

Cassoday then wrapped his arm around Delgado’s neck from behind and used his other arm to tighten the hold into a “bare rear choke,” according to the outlet.

“He couldn’t do anything because I was squeezing his neck and then he felt like he had gone limp for a second and then I loosened up.[ed] it’s going up,” Cassoday told WMAQ-TV.

Christopher Delgado threw punches when patrolman Jamison Smith tried to stop him.
Porter County Sheriff’s Office

“I’m 280 pounds – this guy was probably half my height,” he added.

The Valparaiso resident knocked the pugnacious to the ground, where patrol officer Jamison Smith was able to handcuff him.

Delgado was arrested after Smith identified him as a car theft suspect, according to the report. The suspect initially pretended he was someone else before throwing punches when he was taken into custody.

He was charged with assault and battery against a law enforcement officer resulting in bodily harm, misdemeanor resisting law enforcement and misrepresentation, according to the report.

For Cassoday, stepping in to help the cop was business as usual.

“Things like that don’t bother me,” the fighter reportedly said.

Officials later said they “cannot thank Mr William Cassoday enough for his courageous actions”.

“Putting his own safety aside, he put himself in harm’s way, assisting Officer Smith in bringing a felon into custody,” the Porter County Sheriff’s Office corporal said. reportedly said Benjamin McFalls.

“Mr. Cassoday purposely jumped into a fight, in which our officer was violently attacked,” he continued.

“Mr. Cassoday exemplified what it means to be a Porter County resident. We will honor him shortly.”


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