MMA “is a shitty career”. Here’s why.



LAS VEGAS — Ben Askren doesn’t recommend MMA as a career.

Askren, a former ONE and Bellator Championship champion and UFC fighter, told MMA Junkie Radio that he usually warns the wrestlers he trains to stay away from the cage because there is little money. to win, even when you succeed in sport.

“I usually argue against MMA. It’s a shitty career,” Askren said. “I say out of the thousands of people across America who want to do MMA, man, if you make it to the UFC, OK, that’s what I tell them when they’re not that good: Meet up. in the UFC, which is hard, right? You’re gonna have to do a bunch of amateur fights and then a bunch of low-level pro fights. Someone’s gonna have to see you, you’re gonna have to get hurt, all of these good things are going to have to happen to you. So you go to the UFC, and you have a basic contract, and (if) you win all three fights in the first year, you’ll probably make $80,000.

” OK, it’s fine. But wait, you didn’t pay your management, you didn’t pay your coach, you didn’t pay your taxes. Shit, you’re sitting on $30,000 to $40,000. You are at the poverty line. And that’s if you win all three fights and everything went really well. MMA is not a great career. This is really not the case.

Askren, who recently published his memoir Funky: My provocative path through the wild world of combat sports, said there were exceptions to his rule. He only recommended MMA twice.

“The two would be Corey Anderson (and Jordan Newman),” Askren said. “So when I moved to (Roufusport MMA) I didn’t do wrestling, because there was nobody there who was competitive, and then I was like, ‘Hey, I have to wrestle at least one day a week.

“So I would go down to (University of Wisconsin-Whitewater), which is about 40 minutes away, and Corey was a national heavyweight finalist. I guess he had a bit of boxing experience, and I said, ‘Hey, you should consider fighting. I think you would be really good. You seem to have the mentality for it, you like to work hard.

“And then the other one is one of my managers for AWA. His name is Jordan Newman. He is currently 4-0 in Bellator and fights Nov. 18.

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