MMA Rules Committee will assess the safety of the oblique kick


The aftermath of Khalil Rountree’s TKO against Modestas Bukauskas highlighted a controversial technique that got the MMA Rules Committee to take a closer look.

Originally, the oblique kick caught fire early in Jon Jones’ career. While “Bones” used the kick more as a momentum disruptor, it looked like Rountree’s was meant to inflict serious damage. At UFC Vegas 36, Rountree used what looked more like a punch, which just happens to be placed just above the knee. If the strike lands correctly, the knee is damaged. Of course, the damage depends on how hard the fighter has delivered the kick.

After Rountree’s violent victory over TKO, the social media outcry was enough for the Association of Boxing Commissions to get involved. Andy Foster, executive director of the California State Athletic Commission, is the chairman of the rules committee. According to a report obtained from Bloody Elbow, Foster relayed an email stating the following:

“The MMA Rules Committee will bring this up to the next meeting for further discussion and consideration. There are no immediate plans to implement rule changes in the Unified Mixed Martial Arts Rules. Foster wrote.

It should be known that Bukauskas had no ill will after the end of the oblique kick and thinks it is a legal strike in the unified rules of MMA. With the regular emergence of new weapons in combat sports, commissions will play an important role in the security and development of the sport. After all, just a few weeks ago, many fighters and experts were also calling for the abolition of calf kicks.

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