Mullin legislation would reverse Trump’s Jan. 6 impeachment


Rep. Markwayne Mullin (R-Okla.) leads a resolution that seeks to clear former President Trump’s second impeachment after the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol attack and repeats numerous arguments to cast doubt on the integrity of the 2020 elections.

A copy of Mullin’s bill obtained by The Hill said the incitement to the insurrection charge “contains a subjective account of what transpired on Capitol Hill on January 6, 2021” and “omits any discussion of the circumstances, unusual voting patterns and voting anomalies of the 2020 presidential election itself.

Mullin, a veteran mixed martial arts fighter, sprung into action to barricade the doors to the House chamber during the Jan. 6 Capitol attack, making his decision to overturn Trump’s impeachment after the particularly remarkable attack.

In the several paragraphs the resolution devotes to the 2020 election, it says that Trump won 18 of the 19 so-called flagship counties that have traditionally matched the winner of the presidential election and that Trump won more votes than in 2016. He mentions voting rules are changing due to the COVID-19 pandemic and recount efforts are being “violently opposed” by officials in some states.

The fifth member of Congress is running for Senate in Oklahoma, as Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.) retires. Trump did not endorse that run, and Inhofe endorsed his former chief of staff Luke Holland.

Mullin is expected to introduce the bill on Wednesday. His office sent an email to House Republican congressional offices on Tuesday asking for support for the resolution, multiple GOP offices confirmed. The Daily Beast first reported on Mullin’s planned introduction of the impeachment strike proposal.

This is Mullin’s second resolution to reverse an impeachment of Trump. He previously introduced a measure in March to reverse Trump’s Dec. 18, 2019, impeachment for encouraging Ukraine to investigate the business dealings of President Biden’s son Hunter Biden, while discussing military aid to the government. ‘Ukraine. This measure was co-sponsored by seven Republicans, including Rep. Ronny Jackson (Texas), Rep. Barry Moore (Alabama) and Rep. Greg Steube (Florida).

The Senate failed to reach the two-thirds majority required to convict Trump both times he was impeached.

The new resolution also challenges the impeachment process after Jan. 6, noting the lack of hearings and its hasty release. The fact that Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts did not preside over the Senate impeachment trial, he says, “perfected the entire process as nothing more than an unconstitutional exercise in a theater futile, theoretical and fantastic politics”.

Mullin declined to comment until the bill was officially introduced.


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