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The Tokyo 2020 Olympics are over, and the American team’s athletes are now back in the United States.

Adeline Gray, five-time world champion and now Olympic silver medalist in women’s freestyle wrestling, ”explained what her journey in the sport looked like before this pivotal moment.

“Winning a silver medal for Team USA is a dream come true. Adding to that number of medals and knowing that a lifelong dream has come true is really special,” said Gray.

An Olympic medal in women’s wrestling was not even an option when Gray started training against boys at the age of 6. The sport was just added to the Olympic Games in 2004 with 6 weight classes.

“I really believe wrestling isn’t just for boys anymore,” said Gray. “It’s up to young women and girls all over the world to try out an individual sport. Knowing that they can set these amazing goals to win Olympic medals and have those opportunities that train them to become faster and better, to develop their goal setting skills, to become tenacious and powerful, “confident and strong. The struggle teaches you these things. “

Even though Gray is on an Olympic peak, she is also preparing for a potential career after wrestling.

“I’m really dedicated to my education,” Gray said. “I have my undergrad and masters so I know when I step into the real world that I’m prepared and ready. I’m thankful that Devry University has not only helped me, but also 215 of my fellow American team athletes. To invest in us not just as athletes and not just as medalists, “but as people who will one day be great. active members of society. “

Gray not only spent years honing and cultivating his career, but also making sure his mental health was a priority. Gray said it was particularly difficult to maintain during the pandemic. She thanks Team USA for providing her with the necessary resources to achieve this.

“Mental health, or mental wealth as I call it, the last few years have been a very important topic, said Gray. Post-Olympic depression is something that happens to a lot of athletes. Just because you came from that very structured life. and you go on that top of being excited and filled with awe and reaching a goal, “but then these are the next stages of life. Fortunately, I feel very supported by Team USA and the other providers who have allowed us to build ourselves not only as athletes but also as people, ”said Gray.

When asked what the future holds, Gray said she has a lot of options right now, “but the Paris 2024 Olympics is still a possibility. Or she could start a family. Only time will tell what she will accomplish next.

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