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In the junior division, Steigler started with three straight wins, including a decision victory over Amarisa Manuel in the round of 16 that saw Steigler advance to the quarter-finals where she beat Aspen Barger by decision.

But in the dreaded semifinals, she lost to Rose Cassioppi, the younger sister of University of Iowa heavyweight wrestler Tony Cassioppi.

No shame in that loss, but it left Steigler to another semi-final game, this time in the consolation rounds. All she had to do was defeat Manuel again.

But she didn’t; she abandoned an 11-4 decision.

Likewise, in the 16U division, she qualified for the semi-finals where she lost to Nebi Tsami, then to the consolation semi-final against Lizzie Shunn.

In the match for fifth place, she fell to Faith Bartoszek by decision 5-0.

And Steigler agrees that she has hit the “semi-slip” but is dedicated to finding success in future semi-final fights.

To get there, she and Atwell agree that she needs to change her mindset and style.

“She reminds me of Andrew Howe, who wrestled at the University of Wisconsin,” Atwell said. “The two don’t shoot (for takedowns). They are brawlers, good at leading position and in hand combat. We have to work on the angles so that she can shoot. She’s strong and loves hooks, and she will live there.

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