Paddy Pimblett and Ilia Topuria rekindle feud in fiery Twitter exchange


Ilia Topuria and Paddy Pimblett are back.

The two UFC fighters have once again reignited their feud, continuing on Twitter as early as Monday night. Topuria and Pimblett have been attacking each other online and in person for a long time. In March, at a UFC event in London, the two contestants argued at the host hotel ahead of their respective bouts.

Since then, a lot has been said and the list continues to grow with Monday’s round trips. It all started after a fan tagged Pimblett in a tweet saying he wouldn’t fight Topuria. To which the Englishman replied:

“Everyone say they want to fight me my brother, called clickbait! What do you think he chatted for a cause a scene in London? So people really knew who he was 🤣nobody even knew him until I bounced a bottle off his head the little bum, I see him all week without a camera and he does nothing!

Topuria quickly jumped to the wire and had her say, calling Pimblett a “d*ck sucker” in Spanish.

“Pretty homophobic, don’t you think, mate?” Pimblett replied. “What if I really did? What would you say then? Fucking crackpot, you stop using my name to advertise, your little bitch sticks to being homophobic in your own country.

Topuria fired back saying he knew Pimblett is a “d*ck sucker”, but said there was nothing wrong with that.

“I know that (you’re an ad*ck sucker) eres a come pinga, that’s why I said it. There’s nothing wrong with that, I’ve never tried it so I don’t know not if it’s good or bad but you can still enjoy it paddy the bad guy remember i’m your daddy.”

Topuria (12-0 MMA, 4-0 UFC) is coming off a successful lightweight debut in March at UFC Fight Night in London where he knocked out Jai Herbert. It has not yet been booked again. The 25-year-old, who typically competes at featherweight, told MMA Junkie he plans to compete in both divisions.

Meanwhile, Pimblett (18-3 MMA, 2-0 UFC) recently received his first booking since winning March in London. Pimblett is scheduled to face Jordan Leavitt on July 23 at UFC Fight Night 210 in Loddon. Pimblett is on a four-game winning streak.

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