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Santiago Ponzinibbio takes on Michel Pereira in a very fun fight as the co-main event of UFC Vegas 55. The fight features two very fun South Americans in what is supposed to guarantee a knockout. Ponzinibbio is finally back and fighting regularly after missing a few years due to very serious illness and countless injuries. Pereira is looking to prove he can do more than a bunch of fancy flips as he looks to beat a top welterweight. It’s time to continue our UFC odds series with a Santiago Ponzinibbio Michel Pereira prediction and pick.

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Combat is very necessary on a map that lacks star power. Both are heavy hitters and prefer to keep the fight on its feet. While this may make both men hesitant to commit, past fights have shown that they aren’t afraid to take on anyone. This is an exciting co-main event and there’s a good chance it’ll net a Fight of the Night bonus.

Santiago Ponzinibbio is back in action on a regular basis after a slew of health issues kept him out of the sport for over two years. Prior to his departure, the welterweight was well on his way to becoming one of the top contenders. He knocked out Neil Magny in Argentina and looked like the next big contender at welterweight. Now he’s looking to get back on track and prove himself. He has remained very busy in 2021 and has fought three times. He lost by knockout to Li Jingliang, beat Miguel Baeza in a very fun fight, and lost a very close decision to Geoff Neal. Based on the results alone, he doesn’t appear to be the same big contender. Watching fights individually? His boxing is sharp and he’s not afraid to take on anyone. He has all the makings of a fun fighter and the UFC books him that way.

Michel Pereira is the definition of a fun fighter and is looking to prove that he is also a contender in the UFC. The Brazilian has racked up quite a winning streak and is adapting his style to the top level of the UFC. His fight against Tristan Connelly forced him to take a step back and readjust his style to pass the three rounds if necessary. He always uses spinning techniques and tends to tire towards the last lap. That being said, he’s beating big names and has shown new growth in his game. He’s a big deal physically and has intimidated most of his opponents so far. He will be looking to get things going against the Argentine welterweight.

Here are the odds for UFC Vegas 55, complete with our Santiago Ponzinibbio-Michel Pereira prediction, courtesy of FanDuel.

UFC Vegas 55 odds: Santiago Ponzinibbio v Michel Pereira odds

Santiago Ponzinibbio (+122)

Michael Pereira (-150)

More than 2.5 turns (-215)

Less than 2.5 turns (+164)

How Santiago Ponzinibbio won the fight at UFC Vegas 55

Santiago Ponzinibbio has an excellent boxing game coupled with great power and a solid ground game. We will have to be patient in this fight and try to tire the Brazilian before finding the finish. The Argentinian likes to go blow for blow but he will have to allow the Brazilian giant to tire in the first round. Leg kicks and body shots while dodging damage will be key. Let the Brazilian lead in the opening moments of each round and look to win the second half using pressure and combinations while going in and out of the pocket. Michel Pereira loves his space and will want to keep Ponzinibbio at bay where he can fire kicks and acrobatic shots. A high pressure game plan while using his leg kicks will be key to winning this one. It will be close but the Argentine can win a decision by giving away the first round and using his pressure to win the last two. Ponzinibbio wins a decision.

How Michel Pereira won the fight at UFC Vegas 55

Michel Pereira is a giant welterweight who fights with high output and a very acrobatic style. He’s picked it up from his weird fight with Diego Sanchez and is having a lot of success against some pretty good competition. The question in this one is about the sustainability of Santiago Ponzinibbio. The easy answer is that the Brazilian makes a fight out of it and lands a big shot to end the night. If only it were that simple. The Argentine is a veteran and won’t allow a crazy kick to land without some sort of setup to mask it. Checking the leg kicks and managing the pressure will be key to this one. Ponzinibbio’s power most likely makes the Brazilian reluctant to jump on it if he’s injured, but he’ll have to choose his moments to unleash. The knockout is very possible but a decision is more likely because the Brazilian will have more activity and respect his opponent’s power. Pereira wins a decision.

Final Santiago Ponzinibbio-Michel Pereira Prediction and selection

There’s a high possibility that these two will fight in a high-volume fight that sees them covered in blood and battling to avoid getting knocked out. The fact that these two men have a lot of firepower means there will be a lot of respect between the two. Santiago Ponzibbio will open the fight by chopping his legs and allowing the Brazilian to tire himself out with flashy moves. Michel Pereira will be content to let him lead so that he can find shots with the back foot. There’s going to be a lot of movement and a lot of counter-attacks. Ponzibbio will lead the dance and the pressure. It’s going to be interesting to see who’s the most powerful and who’s going to land the most shots. Both men are going to have their moments and the Argentine is going to find the most success late in the rounds and in the fight. Ultimately, Ponzinibbio will have his moments but the Brazilian has great power and beat a very similarly styled opponent in his last fight. Pereira wins by decision.

Prediction and choice of the Santiago Ponzinibbio-Michel Pereira final: Michel Pereira wins by decision.

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