“Prepared to make a climax or become a climax”


Former UFC lightweight title challenger Michael Chandler is set to kill or be killed ahead of his highly anticipated UFC 268 clash against Justin Gaethje.

MMA Fight met Chandler, who was in attendance at the Seminole Hard Rock Casino in Hollywood, Fla., for the Evander Holyfield vs. Vitor Belfort event of the Triller Fight Club. Asked to weigh in on his next fight, Chandler said:

“I’m always stepping forward. I’m always into fun fights. I’m always into fun fights. Justin Gaethje is the absolute perfect opponent. You have to meet your equal there.”

Michael Chandler and Justin Gaethje are known for their high octane punching and penchant for finishing off their opponents. Chandler’s last three wins have ended in either KO or TKO, while Gaethje has also stopped his opponents in his last four fights. However, both men are pulling out unsuccessful offers for the UFC lightweight title in their most recent fights, respectively.

According to the former Bellator lightweight champion, he expects the fight to unfold in one of two ways:

“So I think Justin Gaethje and I are going to nominate a ‘Fight of the Year’ nominee and it will be a blast for you the fans and for us. I’m ready to make a highlight or become a highlight.”

Watch Michael Chandler talk about his upcoming fight with Justin Gaethje:

Justin Gaethje refuses to do five rounds with Michael Chandler

Fans have demanded that the highly anticipated Michael Chandler game against Justin Gaethje be turned into a five-round fight. If that happens, it will be the second untitled fight outside of the main event to be scheduled for a full 25 minutes.

However, ‘The Highlight’ isn’t very keen on the idea, and that’s not because he’s afraid to face Chandler for so long. In a recent interview with ESPN, Gaethje said he didn’t want to go two extra laps without extra compensation.

“F *** that, why would I sign up for two more rounds?” I get paid the same, ”Gaethje told ESPN. “I get paid the same way, at the end of the day. If I ever have to sustain a critical, chronic, or ultimately death (injury) in this cage, it will be turn four or five. So I’m going to save them for championship fights or main events. I am cool.”

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