Rampage Jr. wins, Byrce Mitchell falls down conspiracy rabbit hole

Bryce Mitchell, UFC Vegas 12 Post-Fight Press Conference Credit: Gabriel Gonzalez/Cageside Press

Two Bellator fighters required surgery after Bellator 274, while Jon Jones and Bryce Mitchell made headlines for the wrong reasons this week. On the plus side, Rampage Jackson was a proud pop after his son’s second MMA victory.

Let’s get to the Sunday MMA Quick Hits without further ado.

Rough night in the office for Bellator fighters

Bellator 274 turned out to be a pretty fun fight card, a card that actually managed to hold its own against UFC Vegas 48, which it more or less clashed with (Bellator’s main card kicked off then that the UFC main event was ending at the top).

Boy was it a tough night in the office for a few Bellator fighters though. In the co-main event, Chance Rencountre was kicked out by a mule Andrey Koreshkov so hard he broke five ribs, bruised his kidney and ended up with a punctured lung.

And earlier in the night, Aviv Gozali broke his ankle and tore his anterior cruciate ligament in his preliminary fight against Bobby King, which ended in a doctor’s stoppage.

So you wanna be an af*&^in’ fighter?!?

Rampage Jackson’s son wins his second MMA fight

One of the most exciting things about MMA being such a young sport is seeing a number of generational talents emerge. From various Gracies, to the aforementioned Aviv Gozali (son of “Israeli Batman” Haim Gozali), to Ray Cooper III to Baby Slice, there are now a number of second-generation fighters competing in professional mixed martial arts. The last? Raja Jackson, who recently improved to 2-0 as an amateur.

The best part? Rampage Jr. even has his own channel. If Thor Silva (son of Wanderlei) was in the right weight class, there could be a lot of money to be made…

Mike Perry is 2-0 since leaving the UFC

It’s not really “MMA News” but UFC veteran Mike Perry is 2-0 outside of the UFC (and outside of MMA). After picking up a victory in Triller’s Triad Combat late last year, “Platinum” Mike returned to action at BKFC: KnuckleMania 2, and came away with a decisive win over Julian Lane.

Perry never developed much of a ground game during his UFC years, but strike-only formats like BKFC should allow him to shine. And the madness of bare-handed organization seems tailor-made for Mike.

Bryce Mitchell is falling down the conspiracy rabbit hole

Arkansas-born Bryce Mitchell is an interesting character, from Twister’s submissions to his rap demo tape. He has been outspoken at times, criticizing the masking of children during the coronavirus pandemic.

It’s one thing – there’s been plenty of legitimate debate about the effectiveness of masking small children, given that most can’t sit still or keep their hands away from their face for more than five minutes. But on The MMA Hour last week, Mitchell showed he had gone straight down the conspiratorial rabbit hole. At what point? He believes the US government orchestrated school shootings as a pretext to ban AR-15s.

Yeah. It was so bad that MMA Fighting’s Youtube channel listed the following warning: “MMA Fighting does not support or condone misinformation in the following interview.

How did Mitchell even broach the subject? He began by asking for Ariel Helwani’s opinion on the trucking convoy protests in Canada (Helwani, a Canadian, resides in the United States). Somehow, this led to Mitchell jumping on the subject of guns (while flanked by two assault rifles and carrying a pistol).

Someone please cut Bryce Mitchell’s internet connection. The guy needs to detox. Yes, false flag operations have occurred historically, while others have been launched but never used (see Operation Northwoods, which included a plot for the US government to shoot down civilian and military aircraft in order to start a war with Cuba – an idea rejected outright by JFK). The US government is orchestrating school shootings just to ban guns? The obvious flaw in this logic is that, had it not been for the mass shootings, few people would care to ban guns in the first place.

Jon Jones’ Arrest Video Is Simply Depressing

Say what you want about Jon Jones, but the recently released video (via the Las Vegas Review-Journal) of his September arrest for domestic violence is nothing short of depressing.

Bodycam footage shows Jones headbutting a police car (for which he was later charged) and asking officers to “hang me. Hurt me and kill me. A clearly intoxicated Jones accuses the officers of arresting him ‘just because I’m tall and black’.

Jones, love him or hate him, is one of the most talented fighters to step into the octagon in UFC history, but he also wasted some of his best years thanks to to incidents like this. And while the responsibility for cleaning up his act ultimately lies with Jones himself, it’s just sad to see.

Triller buys majority stake in BKFC

Triller, who has ventured into celebrity boxing and hybrid sports like Triad Combat, bought a stake in BKFC.

Bare Knuckle FC President David Feldman broke the news on The MMA Hour.

“We developed this thing to a point where we thought we had pushed it as far as we could take it on our own right now,” Feldman told the show (h/t MMA Fighting). “We overcame so many hurdles and so many people told us no and, ‘this will never happen, you will never get there.’ And we got to a point where we’re pretty well accepted by the combat sports community right now, and we needed to build a partnership that was going to take us to the next level, create more opportunities, more resources, more funding, plus things like that to acquire more fighters, take care of the fighters that are already there, and just create more opportunities for everyone.

Triller now owns a majority stake in the bare knuckle boxing outfit. Let’s be honest, it’s a perfect match, and may turn out to be the best thing for combat sports since CamSoda decided to fight. Again, maybe not.

Eye Yai Yai!

MMA is not for the faint of heart, but even the biggest iron-bellied fight fan will want to cringe at it. It’s not often you hear the words “the globe is off its pedestal”, and we frankly don’t ever want to hear them again.

This illness struck welterweight Mark Martin during Friday night’s PFL Challenger Series 2 card in Orlando, Florida. Having suffered a potential orbital fracture, Martin would have blown his nose – causing his eyeball to dislodge.

Luckily, Martin is fine, and despite losing Danilo Taylor, can at least find a silver lining in the incident, as he apparently won’t need surgery to correct the problem.


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