Randy Couture ready to support Jake Paul in his break from the UFC



Randy Couture, a former two-time UFC champion, has said he’s ready to back Jake Paul in his feud with the UFC.

Jake Paul has repeatedly called out UFC President Dana White for underpaying UFC fighters and failing to include health insurance in fighters’ contracts. Reacting to this, Couture, during a recent appearance on MMA hourclaimed he was willing to back Jake Paul in order to draw attention to the pay disparities between boxing and mixed martial arts.

Couture also said fighters deserve a transparent market so they can determine their value and trade accordingly. Lately, according to the two-time UFC champion, MMA fighters haven’t been able to find such a platform.

Speaking on the issue of fighter compensation in MMA, Randy Couture said:

“If you need to know someone who’s going to run their mouth water doing all these extracurricular activities to sting Dana White and shine a light on the unkind differences pay in boxing and pay in mixed martial arts, then I’ll get behind a guy like Jake Paul… Fighters deserve a transparent market where they can determine what their market value is and negotiate a fair deal and get their fair share, the revenue that comes from every event in our sport and that’s never happening not produced at this stage.”

Watch Randy Couture give his thoughts on fighter pay below:

Jake Paul admits he will continue to fight over UFC pay issue

Jake Paul has said he will continue to work for long-term health care and a pay raise for UFC fighters for as long as he can.

Paul pointed out in a brief interview with ESPN-MMA that he will use everything at his disposal and that he will not stop until “there is no change”. Plus, the YouTube boxer-turned-pro swore the fight would go on for as long as he lived.

Speaking about his determination to fight for UFC fighters, Paul said:

“100%!” It’s an uphill battle. It’s a long battle but we’re starting and we’re raising awareness and we’re starting the conversation and more and more people are talking about it,” he continued. “I’m not saying I’m going to do this all on my own but i’m not gonna give up and i’m not gonna stop until there’s a change because that’s how this generation works, we get what we want with our voice and with our platform. It’s a beautiful thing. We will see changes and you will see the UFC pay its fighters more, you will see long term health care before you die.

Watch ‘The Problem Child’ talk about his vision for the UFC below:

Paul also recently invested in Endeavour, the parent company of the UFC. While “The Problem Child” sees this as an important step in helping fighters, some don’t believe it is.

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