Referee Marc Goddard launches online training program for officials


One of the most prominent referees in the sport of MMA has started a program to teach people to judge and officiate fights.

Marc Goddard recently launched his online training series, which aims to provide a “line by line” breakdown of the unified rules of mixed martial arts. The videos examine the rules through the lens of officiating a fight or being a judge for a fight.

Goddard is hopeful that the series can help people understand the rules used by MMA. The unified rules are free online and accessible to everyone. However, Goddard believes his series can make people understand the information better.

“There is a huge difference between reading something and actually understanding something,” Goddard said on The MMA Hour. “Having the classroom, the classroom environment, getting this theoretical knowledge explained and broken down in detail. This is essentially what training is.

“Refereeing and judging is something that people think you can just try, and it isn’t. It’s like any other job.

Goddard: The program can help anyone involved in MMA

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Goddard’s program does not make fighters qualified to officiate or judge in the end. However, this is not the aim of the program. As Goddard explained in a video posted to his website, the series can help enlighten people on the systems MMA operates under, no matter what angle they come from.

“The content is available to just about anyone and everyone. Of course, would be officials, but [also] coaches and sports fighters, promoters, commentators and members of the media, ”Goddard said in a question-and-answer video. “The unified rules for mixed martial arts should be more accessible, and that is exactly what this program offers and does.”

Goddard is one of the biggest names in the MMA referee community. He appears frequently at UFC events and oversees some of the biggest fights in the sport. Last month, he officiated Julianna Peña’s surprise victory over Amanda Nunes.

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