Rikishi says Randy Savage was like a brother to Samoans and explains how humble and generous the Yokozuna would be


WWE Hall of Famer Rikishi recently joined Bally Sports for a conversation about all things pro wrestling, including his thoughts on past legends like Macho Man Randy Savage and the great Yokozuna. Highlights from the interview can be found below.

He calls Randy Savage a brother, and someone who has always been cool with Samoans:

He was a brother. Randy was ALWAYS cool with Samoans. He was good friends with my uncle Afa and Sika at the time and when we got in the picture we had the same love and respect he showed my uncles. He showed it to me and my cousin Sammy [Fatu] and we were honored to be under this locker room to learn tips and so forth from Macho Man; he was charismatic… he was one of the most – I mean, at that time and at the time, one of the most memorable icons in the industry. And so we mop just below that. He was just a good guy. He loved us, he loved our whole family and vice versa.

Recalls winning the WWE Intercontinental Championship:

Well, you know, I filed a complaint with Vince McMahon and the team to add a few extra buttons behind that belt. But damn… I would have worn that thing around my neck like a gold chain! [laughs] So it was an honor and it was a good opportunity for me at the time to become a single wrestler during that time as Rikishi and to be able to wrestle greats like Chris Benoit – they gave him the name right by ‘Wolverine’ because every time you got in the ring with him…some nights I’d get tired of traveling coast to coast and overseas, and when you get there you know you’re going fight a guy like Wolverine – a guy who just brings 24/7 I knew I had to up my game that night and as you see we got that game and I was lucky to win that night. It just took Rikishi to another level.

How humble Yokozuna was and his love of freestyle rapping:

You know, it has nothing to do with what you see on TV. Yoko was just a humble locker room cat inside and outside the ring. He was a prankster, he loved hip-hop, he LOVED freestyle – one of his favorite rappers at the time was Ice Cube and Snoop Dogg. He liked to play bones (dominoes) in the locker room. It was a spade that many times when we would go out to eat and you see all the boys there, Yoko was so generous at all times and collected those bills: food bills, drink bills… whatever it was. “I’m talking about bills way over $2,000 – $3,000 was no joke; and was always a master of the game. Every time a new talent came into the locker room, if they wanted to learn, it was in their ear. He was a good leader in the locker room. He had a passion for the industry. If he didn’t like you or if you did something wrong, he would tell you straight – he would tell you straight and after that, it’s done. And everyone respected Yoko; and that was just his way of being a big, caring person.

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