Rutgers Wrestling: Scarlet Knights to face Sacred Heart and No. 6 Arizona State on Saturday afternoon


After a 29-4 win over Clarion on Friday night that saw trainer Scott Goodale pick up his 200th win on the benches, wrestling team No. 21 Scarlet Knight is back in action on Saturday with a pair of duels against Sacred Heart and No. 6 State of Arizona.

Rutgers looked dominant Friday night, winning nine of the Golden Eagles’ ten fights and they will look to turn that into impressive performances Saturday afternoon.

Who gets the go-ahead at each weight for the Scarlet Knights will be the main question of the day, as I imagine it’s an “everyone on deck” type scenario with the back-to-back duels.

The Sacred Heart game doesn’t require a ton of breakdowns because depending on who the Scarlet Knights send, it should probably be a shutout (they were shut out 44-0 last Sunday against No. 14 Lehigh).

Arizona State #6 by the way, despite having a wrestler ranked at almost every weight, seems to only weigh four of them for this early season duel, but at least half matchups in this duel have the potential to be barn-burners.

No. 21 Rutgers vs. No. 6 Arizona State Ranked/Intriguing Matchups

125:20 Dylan Shawver/Dean Peterson v Richard Figueroa

ASU’s normal starter at 125 is two-time All-American Brandon Courtney, but according to ASU’s game preview, it looks like Richard Figueroa will get the nod here. Figueroa has already put in some outstanding performances on the freestyle circuit and would likely be ranked if he were the starter.

Whether Rutgers sends Shawver or Peterson, it should be a fun game for the fans.

133: #16 Joe Heilmann vs. #4 Mitch McGee/Julian Chlebove

Mitch McGee, two-time All-American, will make the trip for this matchup, but ASU is also participating in Sunday’s Journeyman Collegiate Classic, so it’s possible he skips that game and ASU sends Julian Chlebove.

Chlebove, a highly ranked ex-rookie out of the PA, will likely be remembered by RU fans who watched him get double-staged by former Rutgers wrestler JoJo Aragona at the 2019 Beat the Streets event. At New York.

McGee would be a solid favorite there if he got the call against Heilmann from the Scarlet Knight, but Heilmann would have the edge over Chlebove.

141: 12 Sammy Alvarez v 19 Jesse Vasquez

Alvarez picked up a victory Friday night in his debut at 141 pounds for the Scarlet Knights, but he looked a little rusty in the process. He will likely see a tough competitor here as ASU is expected to send No. 19 Jesse Vasquez.

Vasquez, like Alvarez, missed the playoffs last year and is probably hungry to get back there. Alvarez looked slick at times on Friday and hopefully he finds more for this Saturday night game.

149: 31 Anthony White v 6 Kyle Parco

In what will be a huge early season test for Scarlet Knight freshman, Anthony White will likely face two-time All-American Kyle Parco. Parco, who has yet to see action this season, is coming off of 8th at the NCAA Championships last year and is the heavy favorite going into this game.

If White can put in a strong performance here, it could be a catalyst that pushes him for the rest of the season.

184: #8 John Poznanski/Brian Soldano vs. #17 Anthony Montalvo

Sun Devil’s Anthony Montalvo, who spent the first four years of his college career at Oklahoma State’s perennial powerhouse before heading west to Arizona State during the he offseason will have a tough test on Saturday, no matter who coach Scott Goodale decides to send him against.

Brian Soldano, the true freshman phenom who dispatched No. 21 Will Feldkamp from Clarion with relative ease on Friday night, will likely pass this one in my opinion and it will be former All-American and current No. 8 John Poznanski who will get the green light here.

Poznanski went 5-0 in untethered wrestling last weekend at the Princeton Open and it makes sense for him to see some early season ranked action after Soldano got his first taste Friday night.

As I mentioned earlier, Saturday’s two results will likely come down to who Coach Goodale decides to send to each weight.

It won’t matter when it comes to the overall result of the Sacred Heart game – just if Rutgers can pull off the shutout – but ASU No. 6 definitely enters the shorthanded double and it could be a great spot. to pick up a start. season statement for the Scarlet Knights.

“Wranglemania” takes place Saturday at Liberty High School in Bethlehem, PA. The Scarlet Knights take on Sacred Heart at 1:00 p.m. and No. 6 Arizona State at 5:00 p.m.

Matches will be streamed Rokfinbut it’s $24.99 to access it if you don’t already have a Rokfin account ($15.00 if you’re already a subscriber).

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